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Experimental analysis of the shrinkage, creep and cracking mechanism of the materials based on the alkali-activated slag

Období řešení: 01.01.2022 — 31.12.2024

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Grantová agentura České republiky - Standardní projekty

- plně financující (2022-04-14 - 2024-12-31)

O projektu

The project aims at a deep and complex experimental determination of shrinkage and creep components, and monitoring of cracking mechanism of alkali-activated slag-based materials in relation to their microstructural evolution. For this purpose, activators with significantly different hydration kinetics, i.e. sodium waterglass, hydroxide, and carbonate, will be used. The shrinkage measurements will start as soon as possible to capture all volume changes during the solidification process. The microstructure undergoes very dynamic changes during the early stages implying that the duration of curing should be reflected within the determination and discussion of drying shrinkage, creep and cracking. In this context, the effect of the composition, curing regime, and aggregate content will be investigated in detail. The role of the specimens’ size and its effect on the drying shrinkage and cracking will also be examined. Additionally, a deep-learning algorithm will be developed for the crack recognition and advanced analysis.

Klíčová slova
alkali-activated slag; shrinkage; creep; cracking; curing



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