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Research Seminar 1

FEKT-DPA-RS1Ak. rok: 2020/2021

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

ELSEVIER: Medical Image Analysis. ISSN 1361-8415. (EN)
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. ISSN 1057-7149 (EN)
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. ISSN 0018-9294 (EN)
OXFORD ACADEMIC: Bioinformatics. ISSN 1460-2059 (EN)
BMC Bioinformatics. ISSN 1471-2105 (EN)
NATURE: Scientific Reports. ISSN 2045-2322 (EN)

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The course is focused on active searching of possibilities of solving research problems, defending and opposing partial results of scientific work in front of professional audience and identification of more effective solutions leading to original publishable results. The area of research problems is determined in accordance with the topics of dissertation theses of individual doctoral students. The course is organized in the form of regular seminars. The result is evaluation of the individual progress in the topic of the doctoral student dissertation. PhD students are divided into teams according to their research focus and according to the relations of dissertation topics. Team leaders are senior academic researches controlling both passive and active participation of PhD students at regular (weekly) seminars. In the middle and at the end of the semester, there is a comprehensive control seminar for all research teams, where PhD students in front of a committee of internal and external researchers defend their scientific progress in the dissertation topic.

Specific topics of the course:
- acquisition and processing of biological signals (processing and analysis of biomedical signals, experimental cardiology)
- processing and analysis of biomedical images (image processing in microscopy, processing and analysis of CT images, image processing and imaging in ophthalmology),
- bioinformatics (digital genomic signal processing, genomics and system biology, pharmacophore mapping and virtual screening)
- cell engineering (experimental microscopic techniques for imaging and monitoring cell behaviour).

Controlled outputs of the course:
- passive and active participation in weekly seminars
- presentations of the scientific results
- passive and active participation in two comprehensive control seminars.

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  • Program DPA-BTB doktorský, 1. ročník, letní semestr, 2 kredity, povinný

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