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Presentation and Publication Skills

FEKT-DPA-PRSAk. rok: 2020/2021

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The course is focused on increasing the presentation and publication skills of PhD students, both theoretical and practical, individually focused on the dissertation topics. In the first part of the course, PhD students get the theoretical and practical knowledge of the main citation databases used in their scientific field (WoS, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, etc.), citation styles and tools (EndNote, Mendeley), scientific and professional social networks (ResearchGate, LinkedIn) , methodology of publishing evaluation in the Czech Republic and in the world at the level of grant providers, employers of researchers and others, with effective and modern presentation methods (Prezi system, TED presentations, etc.), design basics, rhetorical skills, interaction with the audience, presentation of scientific results to the public, and the creation of posters. The second part of the course is devoted to practical improvement of acquired skills and training of writing quality and balanced scientific texts.

Controlled Subject Outputs:
- review using citation databases,
- profiles created on professional social networks,
- created scientific publications,
- created TED presentations,
- design of presentations visual aspect,
- created scientific posters,
- presented lectures.

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  • Program DPA-BTB doktorský, 1. ročník, zimní semestr, 2 kredity, povinný

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