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Team Work

FEKT-DKA-TEWAk. rok: 2022/2023


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The course is organized in the form of regular seminars aimed at strengthening the communication and cooperation skills of students in doctoral study programs in the field of general biomedical engineering or bioinformatics and in solving specific tasks defined by doctoral thesis. The first four seminars are devoted to theoretical preparation, in which different structures of research teams, forms of their leadership and cooperation, time management and ways of sharing ideas and criticism within the team are discussed. Doctoral students independently work on selected topics and defending them in the form of short presentations and discussion during the theoretical preparation. The theoretical preparation is followed by two practical seminars. In the first seminar, 2 or 3 teams are created by random choice. Created teams solve the same problem separately in given time and present the results before the committee. The structure of the team and the way of leadership is the choice of doctoral students. The teams are also responsible to evaluate the functioning of their team and the involvement of individual members. The second practical seminar is similar, but the composition of the teams is given by the dissertations topics as well as the problem to solve, which is different for each team. The solution of the problem is presented before the committee and part of the subsequent discussion is the evaluation of the team's functioning. The committee evaluates the way and quality of the problem solution and its presentation. Team members distribute the points themselves according to the involvement of each member to solve the problem and their functioning in the team.

Syllabus of theoretical seminars:
- Concepts and characteristics of teams, team roles,
- Team roles and forms of research teams management,
- Teamwork and time management process,
- techniques for finding ideas and for creative assessment of ideas.

Syllabus of practical seminars:
- Creating a team with a random selection of students, solving a general bioinformatics or biomedical engineering problem,
- creation of a team with a selection of doctoral students with related dissertation topics, solving a specific problem in the field of bioinformatics or biomedical engineering,
- presentation of team results in front of senior researchers committee including subsequent discussion and evaluation of team functioning.

Controlled outputs of the course:
- passive participation in theoretical seminars,
- active participation in theoretical seminars,
- participation in practical seminars,
- committee evaluation of the solved problem at a practical seminar.

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