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Science Academy 1

FEKT-DKA-SA1Ak. rok: 2022/2023


SPRAGUE M.. Leading with Science: The Logic of Team Leadership: How Teams are Formed, Managed, and Maintained. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. p. 88. ISBN-10: 1491281766. 2013 (EN)
BOZEMAN B. et al. Research Collaboration and Team Science: A State-of-the-Art Review and Agenda (SpringerBriefs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation). Springer. p. 76. ISBN-10: 9783319064673. 2014 (EN)

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The course is focused on project team activity of doctoral students connected with the supervision of talented students of bachelor and master study programs. The purpose of the course is to increase the ability of PhD students related to the team and project management, to solve specific research tasks related to doctoral dissertations while supporting promising students at lower study degrees in their future scientific career. In the course, PhD students define research problems that the team solves. The team presents the achieved results in the form of a conference contribution. PhD students are also responsible for conducting preliminary reviews of conference contributions. Teams of students of master's and bachelor's degree programs prepare doctoral students individually with agreement of the course supervisor and the lecturer according to their preferences and the specialization of the dissertations.

Controlled outputs of the course:
- detailed formulation of the research problem and research hypotheses,
- assembled research team
- team workshop,
- conference paper
- participation in a scientific seminar.

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  • Program DKA-BTB doktorský, 3. ročník, zimní semestr, 2 kredity, povinný

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