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Material technology for Bioapplications

FCH-DA_MTAk. rok: 2023/2024

Principles and medically relevant knowledge of nanotechnology, and the chemistry of modern materials for medical application. The biological reactions of cells and tissues to various types of material and systems built of these materials ; the health risks of materials and their nanoforms. Examples of targeted distribution of biologically active materials and their directed releasing, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and sensors utilisable in diagnostics and medicine. Biomaterial, biopolymers. Relation between extraction process and chemical/physical properties of biopolymers. Chemical modification of biopolymers to obtain different properties/different shapes of materials. The applications of the biopolymers in different areas (medical, environmental, textile, pharmaceutics and tissue engineering applications).

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Study results are verified pursuant to Article 34, Paragraph 7 of Study and Examination Rules of BUT. Students are given a credit for submitting protocols for each technique they studied. Protocols are processed in the following format: principles of the technique, the aim and exact methods used for measurement, collected data, their evaluation and interpretation, assessment of the impact of the technique on biophysical practice.

Základní literatura

Rieger B, Künkel, Coates GW, Reichardt R, Dinjus E, Zevaco TA, volume editors. Synthetic biodegradable polymers. In: Advances in Polymer Science. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. 2012; vol. 245, pp. 364. ISSN: 0065-3195 (EN)

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  • Program DPAP_BCH doktorský, 1. ročník, zimní semestr, povinně volitelný