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High temperature process in inorganics materials

CEITEC VUT-DS214AAk. rok: 2020/2021

In the course, doctoral students are introduced to basics of thermodynamics and kinetics of inorganic materials which is used for description of selected problems of materials engineering: phase diagrams and phase transformations, high-temperature interaction of molten metals with ceramic materials, and sintering and grain growth in ceramic and metal materials.
The content of the course can be adapted to the topic of the future dissertation.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

P.W.Atkins: Physical Chemistry, Oxford University Press, 1992
E.M. Levin at al: Phase Diagrams for Ceramists, American Ceramic Society, 1983
S.J.L. Kang: Sintering - Densification, Grain growth and Microstructure, Elsevier, 2005

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Osnovy výuky

1. Basics of thermodynamics and kinetics
2. Applications of thermodynamic and kinetic principles to the study of transport processes
3. Phase equilibria in one, two, and three component material systems
4. Determining of phase diagrams
5. Phase transformations
6. High-temperature interaction of molten metals with ceramic materials
7. Calculation of reaction equilibria according to Van’t Hoff isotherm
8. Sintering – driving forces, mechanisms, models
9. Grain growth and microstructure evolution
10. Modern sintering methods
11. Excursion and practical exercise

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