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Study of functionalised Pluronic® polymer doping in thermoelectric ionic polymer gels for tuning of ionic Seebeck coefficient and application in harvesting heat to electricity

Období řešení: 01.11.2022 — 31.10.2024

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Thermoelectric ionic polymer gel (TEIPG) materials are rising generation of thermal energy harvesting materials which can harvest thermal energy by temperature gradient difference assisted thermo-diffusion of ions within the gel matrix. TEIPGs are claiming a bright future due to wide applications in heat harvesting and powering wearable electronics devices. However, a long way needs to be taken concerning material optimization and structural design to enhance the efficiency of these materials and accelerate the scaleup of the fabrication process of devices. The project TE-IonicPolyGels targets the development of TEIPG with a wide ionic Seabeck coefficient to realize improved energy harvesting and gel properties to meet printable device fabrication on rigid and flexible requirements.

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Pluronic® polymers; ionic thermoelectric; thermoelectric polymer gel; ionic liquid; thermal energy harvesting; waste heat harvesting; printable devices



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