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The Universal Measurement Board for parallel testing of elementary Fuel Cells and Electronic Devices UMBED PCB


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The UMBED PCB was developed as measurement tool for testing all electronics devices. This PCB board was designed for the fast parallel testing for 6 samples. The UMBED PCBallows to the user setup 3 types of electric circuits by the Relays and control via COM port from the PC. For the controlling was design the universal software called SUMBED. UMBED PCB enables the user to: Testing all electronics devices and their characterization Connect with other electronics devices by various types of connectors Controlling via the USB(COM port) from the PC with the SUMBED software Automatic switching and measuring up to 6 samples The value of resistors on the PCB can be changed from 10 Ohm up to 10M Ohm Change the electric circuit by the Relays

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UMBED, Software, Cells, Parallel, Testing, Elementary, Universal, Measurement, Electronics, Capacitors, IV, CV, CT, Labview

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5. 6. 2012


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