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RESTful Interfaces to the Geolocation Service


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The tool provides a new interface for the testing environment for geolocation algorithms (the geoloc4d project) support a  network of devices communicating via RESTful Web Services interfaces. It provides a RESTful web-service for simulation of a group of network devices (e.g. nodes in a sensor network) where each of them is defined by its URI and signal quality for connections to its neighbouring devices (represented by a received signal strength indicator, RSSI, for each visible neighbouring device). Moreover, some of the devices have defined their location (as 3D coordinates). A  geolocation algorithm's core functionality utilised in a  standalone RESTful web-service, which provides individual devices with their spatial context information, especially the devices without defined location. The all mentioned web-service communicate in the JSON data-interchange format.

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geolocation, service, RESTful web-services

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28. 11. 2011


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