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The datalogger software developed to analyse the characteristics of railway superstructure


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It is a software for evaluation of basic characteristics of railway superstructure measured on the 12-channel datalogger created by the Institute (functional sample FV_2023_2). The measured data in this datalogger are stored during the measurement on a built-in SD card with a choice of two formats - TXT and EDF. The developed software provides the possibility of wireless download via Wifi network to any computer with subsequent processing and analysis. In the basic version, it involves cutting and filtering of measured data and analysis in time-frequency planes. The software allows the gradual addition of further analysis modules. The software also provides the possibility of setting up a measurement project, i.e. setting the sampling frequency, selecting the number and types of sensors, setting the type of triggering, etc. The project parameters set in this way can again be sent via wifi to the datalogger.

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Software, datalogger, time plane, frequency plane and time-frequency plane analyses, basic statistics, create projects, data export, and import

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28. 12. 2023


V místnostech UŽKS FAST VUT C242 a C161.

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