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Software for measuring point equipment to assess the basic characteristics of railway superstructure


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It is a software to evaluate the basic characteristics of the railway superstructure measured by the wireless measuring point method (functional sample FV_2022_1). These measuring points provide from the acceleration sensor three-channel data sets in binary format. They are stored in an ftp server running on any computer. The software provides basic methods to evaluate the measured signals by the measuring point or other devices. These are basic analyses in time, frequency and time-frequency domains. At the same time, it allows comparison of values within a specified time interval and recognition of trainsets from measured data. In addition, two methods of vibration effects assessment are implemented in the software - according to the Act on the Protection of Public Health and according to the ČSN 730040 Standard for the Loading of Construction Objects by the Technical Seismicity Method. Calculations and analyses can be performed in manual mode and in automatic mode, where the time at which the data are automatically loaded into the system and evaluated according to a simple script with subsequent saving of the results is entered. Note that the software can be used to evaluate data from multiple measurement points.

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Software, measuring point, time plane, frequency plane and time-frequency plane analyses, construction evaluation, acceleration sensor

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29. 12. 2023


Ústav železničních konstrukcí a staveb, místnost C161, učitelský PC.

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