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Geovisto: Hierarchy Tool


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The tool represents an extension to the Geovisto library (in the form of an npm package), providing support for visualizing hierarchical geographic data on a map. The solution defines a data model extending the GeoJSON format (RFC 7946) to support modeling of relationships between geographical objects (tree structure). It also allows the assignment of zoom levels to individual geographical objects on the map, which is used in the final visualization. The algorithm for geographical object filtering has been integrated into the map layers of the Geovisto library. The tool can be used together with Geovisto map layers to create thematic maps using object clustering to increase map clarity. Current object clustering approaches are based on evaluating the distance between objects, which is insufficient (e.g., when highlighting political regions, etc.).

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geographical data, GeoJSON, Geovisto, GIS, hierarchical data, Leaflet, map, visualization

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30. 5. 2022


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