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Wireless measuring point for the railway superstructure


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This is a set designed specifically for use on railway superstructure. It is part of a diagnostic system for automatic identification of selected harmful phenomena in the track. The kit includes in its basic configuration two parts, a measuring and transmitting part and a superordinate part with the possibility of storing and evaluating the measured data. The measuring part consists of the so-called WMP module. The superordinate system is equipped with wifi connectivity and, in particular, an installed FTP server. The WMP module consists of a board with an ESP32 microcontroller from Espressif Systems supplemented with additional circuits including wifi connectivity. The WMP module works as a WiFi client that connects to an optionally specified SSID of the parent computer. A simple web-based interface is available on the WMP to set up and control the measurements. A Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer with Debian operating system was chosen as the parent collection and evaluation system. Accelerometer sensors with different basic ranges from about 6 g to 400 g can be connected to the WMP module. The sensors communicate with the WMP module via the I2C bus. The WMPs are designed in such a way that they can be used at any location on the track superstructure, i.e. on the rail, sleeper, but also around the track. Before the train passes, a measurement is triggered by a software trigger (change in vibration level), followed by a measurement until the vibration is reduced to a set threshold level. Another option is to start the measurement with a button and stop the measurement at a defined time interval. After the measurement, the measured data is stored in the memory of the measuring unit and at the appropriate time transferred via wifi network to the FTP server directory of the parent system for later analysis. The WMP module can be set up using a set of commands. This is done from the web interface running on the WMP.

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Wireless measuring point, accelerometer, vibration, MEMS technology, superstructure

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27. 1. 2023


Vevří 95, Brno, C161

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