Detail projektu

Cyber-security Excellence Hub in Estonia and South Moravia

Období řešení: 01.01.2023 — 31.12.2026

Zdroje financování

Evropská unie - HORIZON EUROPE

- plně financující (2022-11-09 - 2026-12-31)

O projektu

The Cyber-security Excellence Hub in Estonia and South Moravia (CHESS) will bring together leading R&I institutions in both regions to build connected innovation ecosystems to address one of the most important issues confronting Europe today: Cyber-Security. Considering recent world events and the EU’s goal to fully digitize the economy and society by 2030 – the Cybersecurity topic should be at the forefront of agendas. European cybersecurity must be addressed at multiple levels: local, national, European. It needs to not only address gaps in security that exist today but also must be prepared for future threats, which is why research and innovation is needed.



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Ústav telekomunikací
- příjemce (08.07.2022 - nezadáno)
Fakulta informačních technologií
- spolupříjemce (01.01.2023 - 31.12.2026)


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