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Research of advanced methods of graphomotor disabilities analysis based on fractional calculus

Období řešení: 01.06.2023 — 31.05.2026

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Grantová agentura České republiky - POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP

- plně financující (2023-03-30 - 2026-05-31)

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Graphomotor disabilities (GD) significantly affect the quality of life from the school-age until the elderly one. Thus, timely diagnosis of GD and therapeutic interventions are of great importance. Nowadays, the most promising approach into the computerized assessment of GD utilizes various signals (recorded by a digitizer) quantifying the process of handwriting. Even though there has been a body of research focusing on the quantification and identification of GD using several features employing differential calculus, recent studies have shown that the current solutions are not sufficient and effective enough. For that reason, we hypothesize that a new framework for unique and more advanced representation/parameterization techniques of handwriting/drawing utilizing fractional calculus principles can bring more robust characterization of GD as well as handwriting/drawing in general. Therefore, in the scope of this project we aim at designing an entirely new fractional calculus-based handwriting features that would enable a detailed and more accurate diagnosis of GD.

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fractional calculus;handwriting features;graphomotor disabilities;online handwriting



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Mucha Ján, Ing., Ph.D. - hlavní řešitel


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