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Ultra-fast sintering of advanced ceramic materials

Období řešení: 03.05.2022 — 02.05.2025

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Flash Sintering (FS) and Ultrafast High-temperature Sintering (UHS) processes are two of the latest trends in ceramic processing which promise to deliver fine-grained microstructure and at the same time decrease the production costs by saving manufacturing time and energy. The FS and UHS benefit from a fast heating rate which positive effects on the microstructure were previously reported in the literature. The project aims to find optimal processing parameters for preparation of various dense, fine-grained advanced ceramic materials with exceptional properties. In order to fulfil this aim, great attention will be paid to optimization of shaping methods (colloidal processing vs. dry pressing), FS variables (current waveform, current density ramp, current density limit, dwell time), and UHS variables (heating rate, sintering temperature, dwell time). The research will contribute to the understanding of FS and UHS mechanisms, expand current knowledge on already studied materials, and also target new material compositions that were not sintered by FS and UHS techniques before.

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advanced ceramic; flash sintering; ultrafast high-temperature sintering; microstructure



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Prajzler Vladimír, Ing., Ph.D. - hlavní řešitel


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