News/workshops/seminares/online meetings for the HRS4R - HR Award

April 2023 - August 2023
- Award from the European Commission confirmed without comments - 6.4.2023
(for 3 years)
- Seminar at the BUT - 6 June 2023 (Topic: Gender in projects). Speaker: NKC Gender and Science and representatives of the BUT
(Mgr. Slezáčková, Mgr. Stodolová)
- Meeting within the CRP 2023 project - 11 May 2023 in Prague at Charles University /
Project:Prevention of unethical behaviour in academia and promotion of competences in care for victims. (Programme: Social Security in Higher Education).
- Workshop for HR Award holders - 12 May 2023 in Prague at the Academy of Sciences, organized by Euraxess ČR in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts MUNI.
Acts as Lead Assessor for the European Commission in HR Excellence in Research Ms. Mary Kate O'Regan from Ireland.
- Seminar, prepared by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the international network of university ombudsperson ENOHE - 19 June 2023.
University Ombudsmperson, their competences, ways of dealing with specific situations within the university environment.

January 2023 - March 2023
- Preparation of documents for the Internal Self-Assessment
- Gender Equality Training
- Preparing support for the recruitment process (e-learning for commissions, Methodological sheet for the admission procedure, Guide to the recruitment process and others)
- A lecture on the human resources management system at TU Vienna (8. 10. 2023)

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) Here you can find important information and frequently asked questions for higher education and R&D areas.

September 2022 - December 2022
- Employee survey was conducted (October/November 2022).
- A questionnaire survey was conducted for PhD students (November 2022).
- A brand new Guide for Employees was published (October 2022).
- The AS BUT approved the revised BUT Selection Procedures (November 2022).  
- AS BUT approved the revised BUT Code of Conduct (October 2022).
- Six workshops on gender mainstreaming issues were held in December (for the BUT/F/UI management, for members (Academic and Student chamber): Disciplinary Committees, Ethics Committee. For representatives in the AS).

February - August 2022
- Meet the obligations objectives from the HR Award Action Plan and of the Gender Equality Plan of the BUT.
- Preparing of materials for Recruitment.
- Preparing an online meeting on Sexual harassment in colleges.
Preparing a Questionnaire Survey for BUT employees, with regard to interim Assesement HR Award, Social Security, Equal Opportunities and Professional Development.

December 2021 - January 2022
- The most important task is the creation of GEP (Gender Equality Plans at BUT). This is based on the recommendations from the audit, which took place at BUT in the period June - October this year.

October 2021 and November 2021
- Representatives of the BUT Personnel Department participated in the online Gender Academy organized by the GE Academy. The entire academy contained 8 blocks of presentations, including final tests for each block, as well as a Certificate of Success. The academy was free and the whole course was in English. The lecturers were representatives of institutions and universities from all over Europe. The Academy fulfilled the purpose of a pan-European need to set up gender policy in institutions. It also reflected on the requirements of H2020 and GEP formation. The gained experience will be used in the creation of GEP at BUT, as well as in the elaboration of HR Action Actions, but also in other activities related to personnel issues.
2/09/2021 - 3/09/2021
- Meeting of institutions implementing HRS4R. The meeting took place at the MENDELU ground, with the participation of representatives and representatives of Czech universities and research institutions. The guest was a representative from IBM and a representative from MPSV.
June, July, August 2021 During the summer months, the VUT Personnel Department HR Award and Gender Equality Plans Coordination team works on The Equal Opportunities Audit documents, on the implementation of the objectives of The Action Plan and other activities related to staff issues at the VUT.

During April and May 2021, representatives of the VUT Personnel Department, who are in charge of the HRS4R/HR Award at the University, participate in several foreign and Czech seminars on HRS4R - Gender equality - Gender audit at the University - H2020 and Gender equality.
3/30/2021 - online meeting of representatives from Czech universities and institutions on HRS4R. The invited speaker was Mr Milan Zdravković - evaluator of HRS4R. The meeting took place in English.
2/18/2021 - online meeting of representatives of Brno universities and institutions on Gender Equality Plans and how to raise the issue within the organization in general. The main speaker was Eliška Handlířová from Ceitec MUNI, who shared experience with gender audit and how to do it.
12/16/2020 - online meeting of representatives of Brno universities and institutions on the topic of experience and achievements/failures in preparing documents for awards, activities at institutions, implementation phase.

The competition for first to third-year students of an accredited doctoral study programs
A total of 34 grants will be supported (29 in panel A and 5 in panel B) out of a total of 154 evaluated grants. In this round, CZK 31.2 million (a total of CZK 31,241,232) will be spent on one-year or two-year, individual and team grants. You can find the results of the competition at
The internal grant competition is financed from the OP RDE project Quality internal grants of BUT (KInG BUT), reg. number: CZ.02.2.69 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 19_073 / 0016948.

The HRS4R Info Day on 17 November (Euraxess - link) HRS4R / HR Award

The HRS4R Info Day aims at supporting the institutions participating to the HR Strategy: "newcomer" universities, research organsiations and funders. During the event, clarification and support requests were answered regarding the multiple dimensions of the HRS4R process and it included observations and implementation advise from the assessing experts.

Science and Research 2021+ Conference presents planned changes in gender (15. 10. 2020) - only in Czech
The European Commission plans to introduce a requirement for gender equality plans as one of the obligations of applicants for Horizon Europe support.
The National Contact Centre - Gender and Science at the Institute of Sociology of the CAS held on Tuesday 2020/10/13  online Conference, the topic of which was the forthcoming changes at the level of Czech and European science policy in the field of gender.


Information concerning HORIZON 2020.
Substantial documents on HORIZON 2020 (grant contracts, intellectual property, legal aspects, etc.). (In Czech only)
H2020 Terminology (most used English-Czech terms).


BUT IN THE Ranking (Times Higher Education) - November 2020

The Times Higher Education University of Technology in Brno topped the list of universities from all over the Czech Republic. Brno Technique scored in the categories of Civil engineering, Electrical engineering and Mechanical engineering. The ranking ranks schools according to the quality of teaching, science and research or quotation.

An international ranking that compares the world's top 1,000 universities.

60 universities in Czech Republic are listed in 10 different university rankings (by institution) as well as 1 different subject specific rankings.
31 of these universities are listed in at least one institution or subject specific ranking.

RUR Rankings Agency
Round University Ranking (RUR) is an international world university rankings system which measures performance of 1100 leading world universities from 82 countries by 20 unique indicators and 4 key areas of university activities: teaching, research, international diversity, financial sustainability. All raw data for RUR Rankings is provided by an international company Thomson Reuters. RUR Rankings cover the period from 2010 to the present.


The National Portal for European Research
The National Portal for European Research is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports - the portal aims to present and concentrate documents related to the European Research Area (ERA). European Research Area concentrates Europe's resources related to science, research and innovation in order to ensure better coordination of these activities, both at Member State and EU level, and to create scope for the so-called fifth freedom, i.e. the freedom to disseminate and exploit knowledge.

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