Discrimination, harassment and bullying are not normal.
Are you in such a situation? We know how to solve it.

Inappropriate behaviour?

Get more information on how to recognize it and what to do in terms of prevention.   

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Who to contact

If you are a victim or witness to inappropriate behaviour, don't be afraid to take action with our help. 


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Counselling at BUT

If you need advice, use one of our internal or external counselling services.

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Fair study and working environment

Whether you visit BUT premises as a student or an employee, we care that you always feel comfortable and safe here. We will do everyting we can to ensure that BUT always provides you with a healthy and fair study or working environment that allows you to devote yourself fully to your work.

Who can help you

Have you witnessed or even been the object of inappropriate behaviour? We can help you to stop it. Feel free to contact us at socialsafety@vut.cz.
For personal advice, you can also contact our Social Safety Coordinator - ombudsperson BUT, Mrs. Bohdana Šlégrová (slegrova@vutbr.cz), who has extensive professional experience in dealing with various situations. Or you can reach the contact person directly.

Legislation and information sources

Social safety addresses all forms of violation of personal dignity - from aggression, intimidation, abuse, bullying to discrimination. Moreover, discrimination is prohibited in Czech legislation in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

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Declaration of Social Safety at BUT

Brno University of Technology provides its students and employees with a positive and permanently safe environment for study and work. BUT considers it important to create a dignified, safe, inspiring and motivating environment for all students and employees. The words collegiality, integrity, equality, respect, openness and mutual attention are of key importance to the BUT.

No form of undesirable behaviour, including sexual or gender-based harassment, aggression, coercion or intimidation, bullying or discrimination based on any ground, is or will be tolerated at BUT. The BUT strives and will continue to strive to foster a culture of mutual respect, which includes the prevention of the occurrence of undesirable phenomena, at all levels of the university.

Thank you to everyone who helps us to create a positive and socially safe university environment.

Ladislav Janíček
Rector of BUT

Responsibility: Ing. Bohdana Šlégrová