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Sports for everyone

All BUT students can sign up for two sports classes per week. For free. You can choose from tens of activities, both collective and individual. On top of that, personal trainers, nutrition specialists and physiotherapists are here for you. And if you’re a really good athlete, you can represent our university on both national and international level!
  • Tělocvik pro všechny
  • Tělocvik pro všechny
  • Tělocvik pro všechny

Machina fitness centre

600 square meters dedicated to sports. The recently-renovated fitness centre features a well-equipped gym, a martial arts hall with tatami, a dance hall with mirrors, a 280-square-meter climbing wall, circuit training, indoor cycling and TRX halls, experienced trainers, sports massages – you name it.
FIT Centrum Machina / Igor Šefr

BUT sports complex

This impressive complex, which occupies a large part of the Pod Palackého vrchem campus, boasts two running tracks with IAAF certified surface, gyms, artificial climbing boulders, tennis courts and other sports grounds and facilities.

University boathouse

Most Czech universities don’t have a boathouse. We do. If you like water, you might spend quite some time on the Svratka river. Whether you’re experienced or just curious, come conquer the river on a canoe, kayak or a rubber raft.


… a Mecca for students


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