The hub:
Pod Palackého vrchem

Are you into real student life? Do you dream of having classrooms, refectories and sports facilities comfortably at hand? Then choose the Pod Palackého vrchem Residence Hall. It is a part of the university campus and can accommodate 2,500 students in en-suite single, twin or triple rooms.

Up to 10 min. walk to FEEC, FBM, FME, FCH and IFE

Great for FME students:
Purkyně Residence Hall

The dorm is close to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) as well as to the main campus. Take a tram, and you’re just 10 minutes away from the city centre. You can choose from twin or triple rooms with shared facilities.

Up to 5 min. walk to FME and FEEC.
Purkynovy koleje

A stone’s throw from the city centre: 
List Residence Hall

Are you going to study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE)? Do you want to stay near school, but also close to the city centre? Choose this dorm. Single and twin rooms share facilities with other rooms. Five minutes by tram to the city centre.

Up to 5 min. walk to FCE and 20 min. by public transport to FFA and FA

Listovy koleje

Some like it quiet:
Mánes Residence Hall

Though situated near the busy main campus, this dorm is peaceful and quiet. It accommodates up to 266 students in single and twin rooms. Facilities are shared by two rooms, and there’s one kitchenette for each floor. 

Up to 10 min. walk to FCH, FME, FEEC, FBM and IFE.
Mánesovy koleje

Privacy for IT guys:
Starý pivovar boarding house

This cosy place, located right in the Faculty of Information Technology complex, offers absolute privacy in 31 single rooms and 2 twin rooms. Facilities are shared by two adjacent rooms. There’s a shared kitchenette on each floor, but some rooms have their own ones. 

1 min. walk to FIT.
Starý pivovar

Like at home:
Erasmus Residence 

The new Erasmus residential house, which features 5 fully-equipped studios and one‑bedroom apartments with a balcony or a terrace, is used mostly by academic staff. You’ll have a parking spot on the ground floor and a cellar. Just like at home.

Up to 5 min. walk to FCE and 10 min. by public transport to FFA.

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