Frequently Asked Questions


  • How high is the tuition fee and how is it paid?

    Why are the tuition fees and languages grouped together? It’s because the language in which you study is the sole condition for you paying the tuition fee or not. The University offers study programmes in Czech and also English language. While Czech programmes are totally for free (for students from any country), English programmes are subject to a tuition fee. The range is between 1 000 and 9 000 € per academic year (depending on the programme) and is paid in September at the beginning of each academic year.

    Faculty Study programme Degree Tuition fee per academic year
    Faculty of Architecture (FA) Architecture and Urban Design Bc 3 800 €
    Architecture and Urban Design Mgr 4 200 €
    Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) Civil Engineering Bc 3 000 €
    Civil Engineering Mgr 3 500 €
    Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) Fine Art and Design MgA 3 500
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Commuinication (FEEC)             Electrical Engineering - Electronics and Communication Technologies Bc 1 000 €
    Electrical Engineering - Power Systems and Automation Bc 1 000 €
    Bioengineering Mgr (double degree) 1 000 € 
    Bioengineering Mgr  1 000 € 
    Communications Networking Mgr (double degree)  1 000 € 
    Communications Networking Mgr  1 000 € 
    Electrical Power Engineering Mgr  1 000 € 
    Power Systems and Communication Technology Mgr  1 000 € 
    Telecommunications Mgr  1 000 € 
    Microelectronics Mgr (double degree)  1 000 € 
    Microelectronics Mgr  1 000 € 
    Space Applications Mgr  1 000 € 
    Automotive Electronics and Electromobility  Mgr 1 000 €
     Faculty of Chemistry (FCH) Environmental Sciences and Engineering Mgr 200 € / semester
     Faculty of Business and Management (FBM)  Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Bc 1 730  / EU student
    9 200 € / non-EU student
    International Business and Management  Mgr 2 500  / EU student
    3 400 € / non-EU student
     Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) Master of Information Technology Mgr 3 000 €
     Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME)     Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Bc 3 000 €
    Mechanical Engineering  Mgr 3 000 €
    Aerospace Technology  Mgr 3 000 €
    Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics  Mgr 3 000 €
    Mathematical Engineering  Mgr 3 000 €

  • English proficiency

    If you decide to study an English language programme at BUT, you will need an English level of B2, equivalent to IELTS score 5.5 - 6.5. Your English language skills must be supported either by proof of your previous education in English or by a language certificate, so that both of us can be sure that studying in English will be nothing but a smooth and easy experience for you.

  • Czech language courses

    If you decide to study in English, as a foreigner you will be requested to prove your Czech language proficiency during the entrance exam, where language knowledge of at least B1 level is required. But we are offering you a possibility to learn Czech before the studies itself. For that you can check the language courses of Centre for Foreigners of the South Moravian Region or language courses of BUT Lifelong Learning Institute. These Courses last for one academic year (from September to June).

Responsibility: Ing. Veronika Ulrichová