Basic information

Brno University of Technology offers a wide selection of English programmes on all three levels of education - Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral. Studies in English are paid. The length of study is usually 6 semesters for Bachelor's programmes, 4 semesters for Master's programmes and 8 semesters for Doctoral programmes. The programmes are open to applicants from all countries, however you might need a visa to stay in the Czech Republic. All English programmes at BUT are paid. For price information see the programme listing below. 


How to Apply


Choose your study programme

Check out the list of study programmes offered in English and make your pick.

Study programMEs


Check the admission procedure

Admission procedure varies according to individual programmes and faculties. Please check their website for more information. Please, note that most applications will be open on January 1, 2020.

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Bachelor studies / Master studies / Doctoral studies
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 
Bachelor studies / Master studies / Doctoral studies
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
Bachelor studies / Master studies / Doctoral studies
Faculty of Architecture
Master studies
Faculty of Information Technology
Master studies / Doctoral studies
Faculty of Chemistry
Doctoral studies
Faculty of Fine Arts
Master studies
Faculty of Business and Management
Bachelor studies / Master studies / Doctoral studies
Central European Institute of Technology
Doctoral studies


Submit the electronic application

After choosing your programme, apply for studying at BUT using the electronic application. 

Please be sure that you know how the entrance exams will be and how much is the tuition fee.

Electronic application



Pass the entrance exam

The admission conditions are published on the Faculties websites. If you have any questions, please contact the Study Department of the Faculties.


Apply for your residence permit or visa

Since you’re coming from abroad to live in the Czech Republic, you will need documents that permit you to stay for a longer period of time. See how to apply for a visa or a residence permit.


Validate your previous education

Before enrolling, you need to provide a validated secondary school diploma or a verified diploma from previous university studies. See how to validate your previous education.


You’re a BUT student!

After the documents are processed, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and information about the first payment for your studies. Now it’s time to get ready for your semester in Brno.

Check our Practical guide on how to live in Brno

Recognition of foreign education

As a foreign student you will need to validate your previous education so that you can start studying at Brno University of Technology. See what is necessary to start the process of recognition of foreign education

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