Andrea Němcová


FEEC, UBMI – Assistant professor

+420 54114 6837

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Ing. Andrea Němcová, Ph.D.


Consulting hours

Wednesday, 10:00-11:00, T12/SE 4.163 (Technická 12, Brno 61600)

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Guaranteed courses

BPC-ABSBiological Signal Analysis
Czech, summer, FEEC, UBMI

* Valid data for academic year 2022/2023

Lectured courses

MPA-ACSAdvanced Analysis of Biological Signals
Exercise in computer lab, Lecture, English, winter, FEEC, UBMI
SABSBiological Signal Analysis
Lecture, Computer-assisted exercise, Czech, summer, CESA, UBMI
BPC-ABSBiological Signal Analysis
Lecture, Exercise in computer lab, Czech, summer, FEEC, UBMI
SBTSWireless technologies and SMART systems
Laboratory exercise, Lecture, Czech, winter, CESA, UBMI

* Valid data for academic year 2022/2023