Places to visit

During our trips you will get to know the two largest cities in the Czech Republic: Prague and Brno. You will explore the Brno planetarium and observatory, play pub quiz with friends, go on a beautiful cruise along the Brno dam and have fun at the Laser game. You will experience this and much more during the summer spent at BUT summer school 2021. Do not hesitate and join us on this amazing adventure and meet new friends for life.

Visit to the capital of Prague

During our three-hour sightseeing tour you will get to know the most beautiful sights of Prague. You will see the National Museum, the famous Dancing House, both the historic and new stages of the National Theatre, the unique Charles Bridge and the panorama of Hradčany. Then you will visit Prague Castle with the famous St. Vitus Cathedral. From Prague Castle we will take you to the Old Town Square, where you will continue the tour on foot. In the Old Town Square you can admire the unique Astronomical Clock of Prague, the Church of Our Lady before Týn, St. Nicholas Church and many other architectural and historic sights. Your tour will finish there.

City tour – Best of Brno City Centre

The three-hour route will take you through:
Old Town Hall - courtyard, Brno dragon, portal Cabbage Market - Baroque fountain Parnas, The Holy Trinity Column, theatre Reduta, statue of W. A. Mozart, Dietrichstein Palace St. Peter and Paul Cathedral (Including the interior) Freedom Square - Kleins' Palace, House of Lords of Lipá, Plague Pillar, Moravian Bank building, clock sculpture St. James' church Moravian Square - St. Thomas Church, Governor’s Palace, statues of the 4 Platonic Virtues Castle Špilberk - the bust of Raduit de Souches, great courtyards, viewing points

Laser Game Brno

You will have a nice time running and burning few calories while playing. In fact you will stretch most of your muscles while crouching, turning, leaning out of cover and many other moves. All of that with lasergun in hand always ready to fire.

Lasergame isn’t an individual game. It's a team event with friend, collegues or with new people on a free evening. It's ideal for women, no age restrictions at all.

Sailing on the Brno dam

You will enjoy a beautiful cruise to the picturesque Veveří Castle and back again. Boat transport on the Brno dam operates regularly from April to October, according to a fixed timetable and regardless of the weather. The first cruise ship set sail on the surface of the "Brno Sea" on May 5, 1946. All ships, popularly called "steamers", are electrically powered, so they are almost inaudible and do not polute the environment with flue gases. The scope of transport makes shipping in Brno unique in the Czech Republic, at other dams there is usually only holiday traffic and with a significantly lower density of connections.

International PubQuiz

Enjoy fun and gain new knowledge in the great pubquiz. You will be challenged by 51 questions spanning the globe and covering every topic from A to Z. 10 topics await, ranging from the classic to the esoteric to the bizarre. You and your team will answer questions that stretch the very limits of a general knowledge quiz, and you're guaranteed to leave the bar knowing more than ever before! There are 5 rounds, each with two topics and 10 questions. The moderator asks the questions, and the teams write down the answers (or their best guess!) The moderator grades the quiz, keeps a running tally of the scores, and then on to the next round!

Brno Observatory and Planetarium

The largest 3D stereoscopic planetarium in Central Europe - The new installation of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium offers a completely different arrangement of space-time from October 2018. It literally breaks through space and changes the flow of time. Thanks to the projection on a unique surface in the form of a seventeen-meter hemisphere, visitors feel that they are in the middle of an exciting story. The audience is surrounded by a world of amazing discoveries, from which they literally turn their heads.

Digitarium in 2D - the most modern hybrid planetarium is one of the most modern and largest so-called hybrid planetariums in Europe. The unique device allows you to "fly" through space, display the surfaces of various cosmic bodies, but also mediates other scientific visualizations. The principle of the whole projection system is in a way simple: it consists of several data projectors which, with the help of special optics, project the image onto the entire surface in the shape of a hemisphere with a diameter of 17 meters. These are then supplemented by several additional devices and the necessary software.

                *Please note that the final content of the socio-cultural program may vary depending on the Czech Republic government measures against the spread of a pandemic.

Responsibility: Mgr. Jan Suchý