prof. Ing.

Vojtěch Koráb

Dr., MBA

FBM, ÚM – Professor

+420 54114 2704

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prof. Ing. Vojtěch Koráb, Dr., MBA

Curriculum vitae

Education and academic qualification

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Additional information:

Career overview

a/ The Railway Research Institute Brno, six years, from this two years as the Department of development head, four years as a research worker of  the State  program  P12 - The Technical  Diagnostics of Railway Driving Vehicles -  in the area of SW & HW.

b/ INORGA - The Institute for Automation of Management in Industry Brno, seven years. From this four years as the head of department and vice-director, three years as research worker of the State Programme for economical research SPEV - in the area of SW, management and organisation.

c/ Technical University of Brno, Business and Management Faculty,  Department of Economics and Management. Until the present time as a senior lecturer, vice-dean, ass. prof. and professor.


Pedagogic activities

Specialisation: small business, entrepreneurship, management theory, international management, research methodology 

Scientific activities

Within the professional experience I was an author or joint-author of 15 scientific research projects and reports, 20 contributions in national and international seminars and conferences and 5 articles in magazines.

Within the professional experience I solved 16 state projects and orders for economical practice, I was responsible for solution in half of the cases. All the works was well disputed or received by the customer.

Non-University activities

Year            institution                                                                           function

1993-1996  NMCP Netherlands Management  Consultancy Program       member

1995- 2005 ECSB European Council of Small Business (since1996       vice-president  for the Czech Republic)                                                 

1995-1999  British know-how Fund, Steering Committee of the Program

                   "Training of trainers" for Czech Republic                               member 

1998-2005  European Association for Comparative Studies                   member