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Geodesy and Cartography

Original title in Czech: Geodézie a kartografieFASTAbbreviation: GDAcad. year: 2022/2023Specialisation: Engineering Geodesy

Programme: Geodesy and Cartography

Length of Study: 2 years

Accredited from: 30.5.2003Accredited until: 31.8.2019


The Engineering Geodesy specialisation of the consecutive two-year master’s study programme Geodesy and Cartography, field of study Geodesy and Cartography, follows on from three-year bachelor’s courses with a similar technical orientation.
In the course of their studies, students become familiar with the latest scientific and technical findings in all their complex mutual interconnectivity and are guided towards the independent creation of engineering work. They can apply the knowledge gained in individual subjects to individually-assigned geodetic and technical tasks concerning the issues of the given field of study.
Students extend the theoretical foundation gained from the bachelor’s study programme with further theoretical knowledge from mathematics, geophysics and geodynamics, theoretical geodesy, geodetic astronomy and cosmic geodesy, and other professionally oriented subjects. These foundations are developed in subjects from the field of engineering geodesy which covers, apart from engineering geodesy itself, primarily construction and industrial geodesy, and the surveying of underground spaces. These subjects are necessarily accompanied by a group of encyclopaedic subjects from the areas of geotechnics, transportation structures and water structures. Further subjects extending the field are metrology and a course on legislation. Economics subjects are also represented.
During the course, the emphasis is placed on independent creative geodetic and engineering work.
After successfully completing this course, graduates are able to independently solve demanding specialized problems and are thus ready for their career in engineering geodesy.

Key learning outcomes

Graduates from the Geodesy and Cartography field of study with the specialization Engineering Geodesy have gained highly specialized (theoretical and professional) knowledge in their field of study and specialisation. They are able to apply the gained knowledge in the solution of problems in the given field of study and specialisation.
Within the scope of the skills they have gained, graduates are able to independently solve even demanding specialized problems (independently solving complex geodetic, technical and managerial problems) and are thus ready for a career in geodesy and engineering surveying. They are able to realize comprehensive solutions to geodetic engineering problems.
As highly-qualified specialists they are able to hold high engineering and managerial posts and successfully perform the functions required of them. They are equipped with the skills needed to solve complex geodetic and technical problems.
Within the scope of their competence (after gaining the required amount of work experience), graduates from the study field Geodesy and Cartography with the specialization Engineering Geodesy can be certified as Officially Chartered Engineering Surveyors. Graduates are able to direct complex geodetic, technical or specialised activities and to take responsibility for their quality. They are also able to take responsibility for the professional management of individuals and groups. They can also find employment within their field in the area of research and development.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

2. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
HE15Geographical Information Systemscs5CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
HE12Complex Project of Engineering Geodesycs4CompulsoryGCrPR - 52yes
HE14Structural and Industrial Geodesy Ics5CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
HU53Modelling in 3Dcs4CompulsoryCrP - 13 / C1 - 26yes
HB51Computer Measuring and Controlcs4Compulsory-optionalCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 134899yes
HE55Physical Geodesycs4Compulsory-optionalCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 134899yes
HN51Transportation Structurescs4Compulsory-optionalCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 134900yes
HR51Water Structurescs4Compulsory-optionalCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 134900yes
HF51Base of geotechnicscs4Compulsory-optionalCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 134900yes
2. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
BY51Intermediate Level English (exam)cs2CompulsoryExyes
HE18Diploma Seminarcs4CompulsoryCrS - 39yes
HE09Global navigational systemscs3CompulsoryCrP - 13 / C1 - 26yes
HE57Metrology and Standardizationcs4CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
HE20Structural and Industrial Geodesy IIcs6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 39 / C1 - 39yes
HE65Legal Relations to Real Estatescs3Compulsory-optionalExP - 264901yes
HE59Legal Relations to Real Estatescs3Compulsory-optionalExP - 26 / C1 - 134901yes
HZ52Building Lawcs3Compulsory-optionalExP - 264901yes
HZ51Building Lawcs3Compulsory-optionalExP - 26 / C1 - 134901yes
HS51Ecological engineeringcs3Compulsory-optionalCrC1 - 264902yes
HE58Property Appraisingcs3Compulsory-optionalCrC1 - 264902yes
HE61Management of surveying companycs3Compulsory-optionalCrC1 - 264902yes
HE62Speleological Mappingcs3Compulsory-optionalCrC1 - 264902yes
CZ53History and Philosophy of Technologycs2Compulsory-optionalCrP - 264978yes
CZ54Pedagogy for Engineerscs2Compulsory-optionalCrP - 264978yes
CZ56Psychology of managementcs2Compulsory-optionalCrP - 264978yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Number of courses Courses
4899 min. 1 HB51, HE55
4900 min. 2 HN51, HR51, HF51
4901 min. 1 HE65, HE59, HZ52, HZ51
4902 min. 2 HS51, HE58, HE61, HE62
4978 min. 1 CZ53, CZ54, CZ56