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Theoretical geodesy II

FAST-HE10Acad. year: 2023/2024

Precise levelling (insruments, methods, errors, standardization, accuracy). Adjustment leveling networks. Adjustment geodetic networks on the plane, on the sphere and on the ellipsoid. Adjustment free networks.
Equipotencional surfaces, geoid, spheroid.
plumb line, normal, deflection of the vertical, Laplace equation and Laplace azimuth, reduction to the ellipsoid. Astronomic levelling.
Theory of heights. Geopotential differences, orthometric heihts, normal orthometric heights, normal Moloděnský heights, dynamic heights, misclosure of levelling polygons. Adjustment of large levelling networks.
Stokes formula and Vening-Maines formula, gravimetry deflections of verticals. Moloděnsky kvazigeoid theory. Geodetic Earth models.
Coordinate systems ITRS, ETRS, EULN, geodynamic networks.
History of geodetic networks in Czech republic (NULRAD, DOPNUL, GEODYN).

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Institute of Geodesy (GED)

Entry knowledge

Computing geodetic problems on the sphere and ellipsoid

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The subject is oriented towards on gravity field of the Earth, theory of different types of heights and global and regional geodetic systems and frames. Methods of precise levelling measurements and adjustment are discussed.
Student gets an overview of problems heigts (gravity field, precise levelling, equipotencial surfaces, geoid, spheroid and kvazigeoid.
Student gets theoretical knowledge of geodetic reference systems and geodynamics.

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Prerequisites and corequisites

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Basic literature

Vykutil, J: Vyšší geodézie. Kartografie, 1982. (CS)
Hofmann-Wellenhof, B.- Moritz, H.: Physical geodesy. Springer, 2005. (EN)
Weigel J.: Vyšší geodézie - Základní výšková bodová pole. elektronický text, 2008. (CS)

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  • Programme N-P-C-GK Master's

    branch GD , 1. year of study, summer semester, compulsory

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39 hours, optionally

Teacher / Lecturer


1. Precise levelling - insruments and errors 2. Precise levelling - methods and accuracy 3. Adjustment geodetic and leveling networks on the plane, 4. Adjustment geodetic networks on the sphere and on the ellipsoid 5. Adjustment free networks. 6. Fundamental of Gravity field theory 7. Equipotencional surfaces, geoid and spheroid 8. Plumb line, normal, deflection of the vertical, Laplace equation and Laplace azimuth 9. Astronomic levelling, geoid as height reference surface 10. Theory of heights 11. Geodetic and gravimetric networks 12. Gravimetric deflections of the vertical, Moloděnsky kvazigeoid theory 13. Coordinate systems and frames ITRS, ETRS, EULN, geodynamic networks 14. History of geodetic networks in Czech republic


26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer


1. Introduction and repetition of basic methods of adjustment 2. Adjustment of trigonometric networks. 3. Adjustment of trilateration networks 4. Adjustment of 3D networks 5. Computing of deflections of vertical 6. Map of geoid 7. Komparation of leveling rods 8. Map of Free-air and Bouguer anomalies 9. Gravity corrections in leveling