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Main event

Scientific Board

19 Jan 2024

The celebration of the 125th anniversary of BUT opened with a meeting of the Scientific Board. Its regular proceedings were supplemented by a presentation of the year of celebrations and a social programme.
Accompanying event

Garden Party

19 Jun 2024

An informal afternoon social gathering of mainly university management, faculty and other parts to mark the end of the 2023/2024 academic year.
Main event

Festive Academic Assembly

19 Sept 2024

The university's Academic Assembly is a traditional ceremony during which the Rector's awards are presented. These awards include gold, silver, and commemorative medals, as well as awards for students and awards for the best teachers, evaluated by the students of BUT.
Main event

Ceremonial Meeting of the Scientific Board

29 Nov 2024

On the occasion of the ceremonial meeting of the Scientific Board of BUT, honorary doctorates will be conferred.

Responsibility: Mgr. Marta Vaňková