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Original title in Czech: ArchitekturaFAAbbreviation: ARCHURBAcad. year: 2020/2021Specialisation: no specialisation

Programme: Architecture and urban design

Length of Study: 2 years


Preparation of a graduated architect to become a creative expert in the whole complex of his profession, who is able to cope with design and management tasks in the process of capital construction. He shall also be qualified for activities in state administration. It is strictly required that the acquired education and knowledge is made use of according to the principles of sustainable development and optimum formation of the environment.

Key learning outcomes

The study program is aimed at achieving such a degree of the graduates qualification that in the process of authorisation - at his joining of the Czech Chamber of Architects - he is able to proof the required knowledge and skills.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

"Authorized Architect" This study program is by Czech Chamber of Architects (CCA) used as the required education. Graduates of this program may fulfill the prescribed period of practical experience to apply for authorization CCA.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
GRT1Graphic Techniquescs2CompulsoryGCrP - 13 / S - 26yes
IG2Information Literacy 2cs2CompulsoryCrS - 26yes
PREPresentationcs2CompulsoryGCrCPP - 26yes
PESEnvironment and Energy Buildingscs2CompulsoryGCrP - 26yes
SMTBuilding Materials and Technologycs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
SAUContemporary Architecturecs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
A3ZStudio M3cs16Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561no
A4ZStudio M4cs16Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561no
A5ZStudio M5cs16Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561no
A7ZStudio M7cs16Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561no
A8ZStudio M8cs16Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561no
A9ZStudio M9cs16Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561no
XX1Architecture of 21th Century I.cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
INA2Interpretation of Architecturecs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
KRKCreative Codingcs2Compulsory-optionalGCr2no
MVU1Modern Theories of Development and Urban Planning 1cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
ROSRevitalisation and Renovation of Residential Areascs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 262no
SVTScenography - Exhibition Productioncs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
VEFIIntroduction to Public Finance and Public Administrationcs2Compulsory-optionalGCr2no
M3ZSeminar Module I M3cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M4ZSeminar Module I M4cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M5ZSeminar Module I M5cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M7ZSeminar Module I M7cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M8ZSeminar Module I M8cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 263no
M9ZSeminar Module I M9cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
1. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
PAPMonument Carecs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
TEUTheory of Urbanismcs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
SPKShaping structures cs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
TESStructures and building techniquescs2CompulsoryGCrP - 26yes
URSStrategic Urban Planningcs2CompulsoryExP - 14 / S - 12yes
A3LStudio M3cs18Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1951no
A4LStudio M4 cs18Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561no
A5LStudio M5cs18Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1951no
A7LStudio M7cs18Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1951yes
A8LStudio M8cs18Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1951no
A9LStudio M9cs18Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 261no
XX2Architecture of 21th Century II. cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262yes
APKCopyright Law for Arts Managementcs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
FO2Photography and Architecture IIcs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
KSTConversion of Buildingscs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
MVU2Modern Theories of Development and Urban Planning 2cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
SMA2Space in Modern Architecture 2cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
SEIEngineering and Environmental Engineeringcs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
DJ2Arts and Crafts - Design IIcs2Compulsory-optionalGCrS - 262no
M3LSeminar Module II M3cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M4LSeminar Module II M4cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M5LSeminar Module II M5cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M7LSeminar Module II M7cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M8LSeminar Module II M8cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
M9LSeminar Module II M9cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 263no
2. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
ARPArchitect in Practicecs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
DSPDesign of Structural Elementscs2CompulsoryGCrS - 26yes
KPSStructural technologycs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
OCZForeign Language in the Architectural Professioncs3CompulsoryExS - 14yes
RESRealization of Buildings, Business and Financescs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
SPZPlanning and Building Laws and Building Codecs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
A3Z2Studio M3cs15Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561yes
A4Z2Studio M4 cs15Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 2861yes
A5Z2Studio M5cs15Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561yes
A7Z2Studio M7cs15Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561yes
A8Z2Studio M8cs15Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561no
A9Z2Studio M9cs15Compulsory-optionalGCrA - 1561yes
M3Z2Seminar Module III M3cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 262yes
M4Z2Seminar Module III M4cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 262yes
M5Z2Seminar Module III M5cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 262yes
M7Z2Seminar Module III M7cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 262yes
M8Z2Seminar Module III M8cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 262no
M9Z2Seminar Module III M9cs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSS - 262yes
2. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
DP3Diploma Project - Module M3cs30Compulsory-optionalCrK - 26 / SD - 312yes
DP4Diploma Project - Module M4cs30Compulsory-optionalCrK - 26 / SD - 312yes
DP5Diploma Project - Module M5cs30Compulsory-optionalCrK - 26 / SD - 312yes
DP7Diploma Project - Module M7cs30Compulsory-optionalCrK - 26 / SD - 312yes
DP8Diploma Project - Module M8cs30Compulsory-optionalCrSD - 312no
DP9Diploma Project - Module M9cs30Compulsory-optionalCrK - 26 / SD - 312yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Number of courses Courses
2 1 XX2, APK, FO2, KST, MVU2, SMA2, SEI, DJ2