Internships - IAESTE

What is IAESTE

IAESTE is an international, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organisation which associates students and members of academic staff in technical fields from all over the world and strives for professional and personal development of students and young graduates regardless of their religion, nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation or gender.

The Czech branch, IAESTE Czech Republic, arranges for traineeships abroad for over one hundred Czech university students and arranges for stays in the Czech Republic for a roughly equivalent number of foreign trainees.

What is IAESTE offering?

IAESTE offers Czech students an opportunity to go abroad on a traineeship within the International Exchange Programme. It is possible to visit 85 different countries within IAESTE.

How to proceed if I want to go on a traineeship?

      1. First make sure you meet conditions for participation:
      • Student/graduate not more than one year since graduation
      • 18 to 30 years
      • not more than two IAESTE traineeships
      2. Register in IAESTE. Traineeships cannot be selected without registration. You can register throughout the entire year.

How to proceed:

      • Fill in the registration form
      • Submit your CV along with an extract listing your courses
      • Guide on how to register can be found here.

  • Types of internships:
  • seasonal internships (AC) - registration from 12 February, at midnight, only for students from the Czech Republic
  • off-season internships (COBE, FCFS) - registration throughout the year
  • More information can be found here.

    3. Choose a traineeship
    • Browse through available traineeships
    • Check whether you meet requirements of the employer
    • Verify whether a student status is necessary
    • Calculate how much the traineeship will cost you
    4. Log in and wait for further instructions from IAESTE

The latest traineeships are published in late January or early February of the given calendar year.
The current offer of stays is available here.
To get a better idea of what types of stays IAESTE offers, have a look at the last year’s offer of stays.


In case you are nominated, it is necessary to submit the following documents which can be found here in the “Nomination” section.

Are there any fees?

The participation contribution for getting an IAESTE traineeship equals CZK 5000. After completion of the traineeship and following submission of required documents (Internship Feedback, photographs, Trainees Report), CZK 2000 will be returned to you within one month.

Important information which we recommend you to read can be found here.

Follow the FB IAESTE Local Centre in Brno so that you do not miss important and up-to-date information.

More information regarding IAESTE can be found here.

Responsibility: Ing. Andrea Surá