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Laboratory Project - CH

FCH-MC_LSPAcad. year: 2021/2022

Project design based on selected theme including literature search or preliminary laboratory experiments. The project will results in diploma thesis during the subsequent semesters.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

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Recommended optional programme components

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Poster K., Applegarth M.: Projektový management. Portál, Praha 2006. (CS)
Dle zadání vedoucího pro příslušné téma projektu, alespoň 1 zdroj v angličtině (CS)

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

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Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

Credits are appointed on the basis of active and mandatory participation as prescribed by the supervisor of the selected topic and written project as a background for special laboratories and experimental part of diploma work. Project is delivered to selected supervisor (in last week of credits, at least), who will evaluate it and inform the guarantor on results. Project is delivered electronically and if requested by the supervisor also in hard copy. Credits are appointed by the guarantor. Participation can be checked by the supervisor or garantor.

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Work placements

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Course curriculum

1 Theme selection, tasks assignment by the corresponding supervisor.
2 -11.Literature search, preliminary experiments, proposal of methods and techniques to be used in the subsequent special laboratory course.
12.-13. Project proposal for the prospective diploma thesis.


Techiques of project design. Design of project on the selected topic which will result later in diploma thesis later.

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme NPCP_CHCHTE Master's, 1. year of study, winter semester, 4 credits, compulsory
  • Programme NKCP_CHCHTE Master's, 1. year of study, winter semester, 4 credits, compulsory

Type of course unit


Guided consultation in combined form of studies

26 hours, obligation not entered

Teacher / Lecturer

Special lab

39 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer


13 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer