prof. Ing.

Jaromír Hubálek


CEITEC, RG-1-02 – Researcher

+420 54114 9255

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prof. Ing. Jaromír Hubálek, Ph.D.

Curriculum vitae

Scientific activities

Thick-film and thin-film electrochemical sensors, biosensors, gas sensor and nanotechnology application in sensors area. Deposition techniques for nanostructures growing using non-litography template methods, characterization, measurement method investigation, and electronic systems design for sensor measurements. Principal investigator of projects from National programs (1QS201710508 and KAN208130801), and Czech Grant Agency (102/08/1546).


Principal investigator of

  • projects of National programs: 1QS201710508 "Impedimetric chemical microsensors  with nanomachined electrode surface"
  • projects of National programs:  KAN208130801 "New construction and using nanobiosensors and nanosensors in medicine"
  • Czech Grant Agency 102/08/1546 "Miniaturized inteligent systems and nanostructured electrodes for chemical, biological and farmaceutical applications"

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