List of International Agreements

StateUniversityValidity fromValidity toAgreement
Argentine RepublicNational University of La Plata22.11.2007Not specified
Bosnia and HerzegovinaUniversity of Sarajevo01.01.2017Not specified
Bosnia and HerzegovinaUniversity of Sarajevo06.04.2023Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanyUniversity of Aplied Science Augsburg12.01.2015Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanyInternational Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e. V.01.08.2014Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanyLudwig-Maximilians-Universität München07.12.2022Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanyLIA gGmbH13.03.2021Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanySouth Westphalia University of Applied Sciences05.01.2017Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanyClausthal University of Technology30.08.2016Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanyTechnische Universität Ilmenau17.10.2018Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanyFachhochschule Bielefeld29.03.2018Not specified
Federal Republic of GermanyUniversity of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden01.05.2007Not specified
French RepublicEcole Superieure d'Ingenieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique (Groupe ESIEE Paris)01.12.2014Not specified
French RepublicUniversity of Rouen15.03.2018Not specified
French RepublicEcole Centrale de Marseille26.01.2023Not specified
GeorgiaCaucasus University27.02.202427.02.2034
GeorgiaApolon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts28.06.2023Not specified
GeorgiaIlia State University13.09.2011Not specified
HungaryHungarian University of Fine Arts14.04.2022Not specified
HungarySzéchenyi István University14.08.201913.08.2024
HungarySzéchenyi István University16.09.2020Not specified
Islamic Republic of PakistanKinneret Academic College01.04.2022Not specified
Islamic Republic of PakistanNational University of Sciences and Technology06.12.2022Not specified
Islamic Republic of PakistanThe Islamia University of Bahawalpur20.06.2022Not specified
Islamic Republic of PakistanLahore University of Management Sciences13.12.2022Not specified
JapanKyushu University08.01.2024Not specified
Kingdom of BelgiumLuca School of Arts19.02.2024Not specified
Kingdom of SpainUniversidad de Malaga23.05.2018Not specified
Kingdom of SwedenStockholm University21.09.2015Not specified
MontenegroUniversity of Montenegro23.03.2023Not specified
MontenegroUniversity of Montenegro25.09.2018Not specified
New ZealandUnitec Institute of Technology01.05.2011Not specified
People's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaUniversity of Science and Technology in Oran - Mohamed Boudiaf -11.01.2017Not specified
People's Republic of ChinaUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing18.10.2018Not specified
People's Republic of ChinaXi'an Jiaotong University01.12.2018Not specified
People's Republic of ChinaCollege of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University24.04.202024.04.2025
People's Republic of ChinaFudan University31.07.2017Not specified
People's Republic of ChinaUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing01.12.2017Not specified
People's Republic of ChinaBeijing Normal University18.10.2018Not specified
People's Republic of ChinaBeijing Institute of Technology07.11.2019Not specified
People's Republic of ChinaChina Three Gorges University28.09.2015Not specified
Republic of AustriaGraz University of Technology28.12.202227.12.2027
Republic of AustriaDanube University Krems01.06.2016Not specified
Republic of AustriaSalzburg University of Applied Sciences03.10.2020Not specified
Republic of AustriaTechnische Universität Graz04.11.201903.11.2024
Republic of AustriaFachhochschule Technikum Wien13.12.2019Not specified
Republic of BelarusBaranovichi State University, Faculty of Engineering01.11.2017Not specified
Republic of BelarusBelarusian National Technical University02.06.2014Not specified
Republic of BulgariaTechnical University of Sofia01.10.2018Not specified
Republic of ColombiaUniversidad de Ibague13.06.2007Not specified
Republic of IcelandUniversity of Iceland31.12.2018Not specified
Republic of IndiaCenter for Excellence in Environment and Water, AISECT Group of Universities16.08.2019Not specified
Republic of IndiaNational Institute of Technology Durgapur01.11.2016Not specified
Republic of IndiaMadanapalle Institute of Technology and Science04.11.2019Not specified
Republic of IndiaAvantika University01.12.2017Not specified
Republic of IndiaNitte School of Architecture Planning and Design26.06.2023Not specified
Republic of ItalyUniversitá degli Studi di Palermo01.11.202201.11.2028
Republic of ItalyUniversity of L'Aquila20.06.2022Not specified
Republic of ItalyWater Research Institute in Bari15.11.2017Not specified
Republic of ItalyUniversita degli Studi di Brescia08.10.202108.10.2025
Republic of KazakhstanKazakh-British Technical University15.11.2019Not specified
Republic of KazakhstanD. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university13.12.2017Not specified
Republic of KazakhstanT.K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts05.06.2018Not specified
Republic of KoreaHallym University04.02.2019Not specified
Republic of KoreaUniversity of Seoul (UOS)25.01.2022Not specified
Republic of KoreaYonsei University15.11.2019Not specified
Republic of KoreaKEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School01.11.2018Not specified
Republic of LatviaMikroTik Academy01.05.2015Not specified
Republic of MaltaUniversity of Malta01.10.2021Not specified
Republic of MaltaBusiness English Language School (BELS)01.07.2015Not specified
Republic of MaltaInstitute of English Language Studies (IELS)01.07.2015Not specified
Republic of MoldovaAcademy of Public Administration Moldova01.01.2016Not specified
Republic of PolandUniversity of Bialystok06.12.202106.12.2026
Republic of PolandPolitechnika Krakowska11.05.2018Not specified
Republic of PolandGdansk University of Technology17.04.2023Not specified
Republic of PolandPolitechnika Krakowska12.07.2022Not specified
Republic of PolandAcademy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 19.05.2021Not specified
Republic of PolandAGH University of Science and Technology25.10.2021Not specified
Republic of PolandPolitechnika Krakowska02.03.2022Not specified
Republic of PolandPolitechnika Šlaska (Silesian University of Technology)01.10.1995Not specified
Republic of PolandPolitechnika Krakowska14.02.2021Not specified
Republic of SloveniaUniversity of Ljubljana30.06.2021Not specified
Republic of SloveniaUniverza v Novi Gorici01.11.2016Not specified
Russian FederationOmsk State Transport University07.03.2007Not specified
Russian FederationIzhevsk State Technical University26.05.2011Not specified
Russian FederationIzhevsk State Technical University01.10.2017Not specified
Russian FederationTomsk Polytechnic University01.01.2006Not specified
Russian FederationBelgorod Technological University n.a. V. Shukhov01.06.2017Not specified
Russian FederationSaint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University15.04.2008Not specified
Russian FederationUral Federal University01.04.2017Not specified
Slovak RepublicSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava01.06.2017Not specified
Slovak RepublicTechnical University of Košice12.11.2014Not specified
State of IsraelInstitute of Space Technology07.12.2022Not specified
State of IsraelBezalel Academy of Arts and Design22.08.2017Not specified
State of IsraelThe Naggar School of Photography, Media, New Music, Visual Communicaton and Photo Therapy13.05.202113.05.2031
Syrian Arab RepublicUniversity of Aleppo01.12.2009Not specified
Taiwan (Province of China)National Taiwan University of Science and Technology16.01.2020Not specified
Taiwan (Province of China)Tunghai University16.03.2020Not specified
UkraineLviv National Academy of Arts21.09.2022Not specified
UkraineLviv National Academy of Arts05.10.2022Not specified
UkraineLviv Polytechnic National University01.09.2016Not specified
UkraineKyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman12.02.2018Not specified
UkraineKyiv National University of Technologies and Design12.05.2008Not specified
UkraineUzhorod National University26.05.2015Not specified
UkraineTernopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University06.10.2016Not specified
UkraineTaras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Cybernetics12.04.2016Not specified
UkraineNational Aerospace University01.07.2013Not specified
UkraineKharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts13.10.2022Not specified
UkraineKyiv National University of Construction and Architecture14.07.2023Not specified
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandCentre of English Studies (CES school, Harrogate)09.11.2016Not specified
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandNorth Highland College19.09.2014Not specified
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandThe Open University08.08.2012Not specified
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandSwansea University09.05.2022Not specified
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandUniversity of Exeter13.05.2021Not specified
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandUniversity of Cambridge29.03.2021Not specified
United Mexican StatesLa Salle University05.03.2019Not specified
United States of AmericaUniversity of Virginia14.10.2022Not specified
United States of AmericaFlorida International University15.02.202215.02.2025

Responsibility: Ing. Martin Očko