Organization structure

Disciplinary Committee


  • The BUT Disciplinary Committee considers disciplinary offences of BUT students who are not enrolled at any of its faculties and submits a proposal for a decision to the Rector. Its activities are governed by the Disciplinary Regulations for Students of the BUT.
  • The Committee is composed of six members: three members are appointed from among the students, three members from among the academic staff.
  • Members of the Committee are appointed by the Rector. The Rector's proposal for the appointment of members shall be approved by the Academic Senate of the BUT.
  • The members of the Committee elect a chairperson from among themselves.
  • The term of office of the members shall be two years.


Disciplinary Committee
Brno University of Technology
Antonínská 548/1, Veveří, 60190 Brno
Czech Republic

Summary of frequent numbers

Responsibility: Mgr. Kamil Gregorek, MBA