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Main event

Majáles Brno

11 May 2024

The Majáles festival in Brno will not only offer a diverse musical program but also host the traditional competition for the King and Queen of Brno. BUT will once again present itself in the university zone, complementing the vibrant musical program with examples of student activities and creative outputs.
Accompanying event

Garden Party

19 Jun 2024

An informal afternoon social gathering of mainly university management, faculty and other parts to mark the end of the 2023/2024 academic year.
Accompanying event


19 Jul 2024

The international discussion forum MeltingPot is traditionally held as part of the Colours of Ostrava festival. This year, more than 250 speakers from all over the world will be on 12 thematic stages to discuss current topics and news from the fields of politics, economics, technology and AI, science, education, health and personal development. On Friday 19 July, you can also look forward to speakers and highlights from the BUT on the Envision Stage.


Main event

Music from the FEEC

18 Sept 2024

This music festival is inseparably linked with the beginning of the winter semester. The stage is primarily occupied by student bands, but you can also anticipate performances by well-known names. This year's event will also commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication.
Main event

Festive Academic Assembly

19 Sept 2024

The university's Academic Assembly is a traditional ceremony during which the Rector's awards are presented. These awards include gold, silver, and commemorative medals, as well as awards for students and awards for the best teachers, evaluated by the students of BUT.
Main event


1 Oct 2024

The opening of the semester at the Faculty of Civil Engineering is linked to the music festival FASTFest, featuring performances by student bands and well-known headliners.
Main event

Ceremonial Meeting of the Scientific Board

29 Nov 2024

On the occasion of the ceremonial meeting of the Scientific Board of BUT, honorary doctorates will be conferred.
Main event

BUT Ball

6 Dec 2024

The 125th-anniversary celebrations will culminate in early December with the BUT Ball, a unique event for students, employees, alumni, partners, and friends of BUT. The gala evening, enjoyed not only by engineers, has over the years evolved into the largest ball in the Czech Republic.

Responsibility: Mgr. Marta Vaňková