study programme

Water Management and Water Structures

Faculty: FCEAbbreviation: DPA-VAcad. year: 2020/2021

Type of study programme: Doctoral

Study programme code: P0732D260021

Degree awarded: Ph.D.

Language of instruction: English

Tuition Fees: 4000 EUR/academic year for EU students, 4000 EUR/academic year for non-EU students

Accreditation: 8.10.2019 - 8.10.2029

Mode of study

Full-time study

Standard study length

4 years

Programme supervisor

Doctoral Board

Fields of education

Area Topic Share [%]
Civil Engineering Water Structures 100

Study aims

The aim of the doctoral study program Water Management and Water Structures is to provide outstanding graduates of the master's degree with specialized university education in selected and topical areas of the field. These currently include, with a view to maintaining sustainable living conditions, the solution of issues related primarily to the design, optimization, efficiency and quality of operation of existing and new water management systems, such as water management systems, water management structures on watercourses, drinking water supply systems. , waste water removal and treatment, protection of water resources and water quality in the basin, protection against floods etc.
The doctoral study program Water Management and Water Structures is a multidisciplinary program in which students acquire new knowledge in both natural sciences and applied sciences and is also targeted to acquire the necessary habits of students for independent scientific research and creative activities in research and development in solving current theoretical problems and questions arising from the requirements of practice. During the study the student gains both new theoretical knowledge and new own experience from preparation, realization and evaluation of necessary experiments (physical, numerical).
The dissertation thesis is focused on the evaluation of the current state of development of the solved problems in the Czech Republic and abroad, on the definition of the subject and methodology of the topic under development and especially on its own creative contribution. The aim of the study is also to involve students in the preparation and solution of national and international scientific research projects, presentation of achieved results at national and international scientific and professional conferences and their publication in professional and scientific foreign and domestic journals.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the doctoral degree program in Water Management and Water Structures will be able to complete scientific and creative activities independently and in teams at national and international level. and habits well applied in solving theoretical and practical tasks.
Graduates of this study program can be employed especially in research and development workplaces, in design organizations, in state administration bodies and they can also apply their acquired experience during teaching practice during their doctoral study programs in education or other educational institutions.
Completion of the doctoral study program is also a necessary precondition for its possible further career and professional academic growth. His knowledge of foreign languages ​​will enable him to study abroad as well.

Profession characteristics

The graduate of the newly designed doctoral study program Water Management and Water Structures is able to hold positions requiring a separate solution of technical technical problems in the field of water management. Graduates of doctoral studies are prepared for employment in research and development activities, enabling creative solutions to problems and development of new methods and approaches applicable to the solution of current water management problems and their application in the construction of water management structures. Doctoral studies are closely linked to scientific, research and development activities at the training site and to technical practice. Ongoing active scientific and pedagogical activity is a prerequisite for eventual employment of graduates as academic staff of universities. Graduates can also work in basic and applied research, at university workplaces, in institutes of the ASCR, in research and technology centers in the Czech Republic and abroad. They also find work in research workplaces and laboratories of water management and water structures and the environment, or they can hold higher management positions in design, implementation and administration companies, public administration or other similar technical level. The general applicability in practice is practically 100%. It is expected that the applicability of graduates of the newly designed doctoral study program will be similar.

Fulfilment criteria

Fulfillment of the subjects of the individual study plan, successful completion of the state doctoral examination, foreign experience, relevant creative activity and successful defense of the dissertation.

Study plan creation

The rules and conditions for the creation of study plans of study programs carried out at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the BUT define:
Rules of BUT study programs (, which according to Article 1, paragraph 1, point:
c) defines the processes of creation, approval and changes of study program proposals before their submission for accreditation to the National Accreditation Office for Higher Education,
d) lays down the formal requirements for study programs and courses,
e) defines the obligations of study program and subject guarantors,
f) defines the standards of study programs at BUT,
g) defines the principles of quality assurance of study programs.
Study and Examination Regulations of the Brno University of Technology (
Details of the conditions for study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the BUT are governed by the Dean's Directive )
The PhD student studies according to an individual study plan, which is elaborated by the supervisor in cooperation with the PhD student. The individual study plan is binding for the doctoral student. It specifies all duties set in accordance with the BUT Study and Examination Regulations that a doctoral student must fulfill in order to successfully complete his / her studies.
During the first three semesters, the doctoral student consists of compulsory, compulsorily elective or at the same time, it is intensively engaged in its own study and analysis of knowledge in the field determined by the topic of the dissertation and continuous publication of the knowledge and results obtained in this way. In the following semesters, the doctoral student focuses more on research and development related to the topic of the dissertation, on the publication of the results of his / her creative work and on his / her own dissertation. By the end of the fifth semester, the doctoral student has passed the state doctoral examination. The doctoral student is also involved in pedagogical activities, which is a part of his scientific preparation.
The individual study plan includes scientific outputs in individual years:
- regular publishing activity (Juniorstav and similar),
- participation in scientific conferences at home and abroad,
- for defense of DZP it is necessary to publish - min. 2x Scopus or 1x WOS with impact factor.

Availability for the disabled

At the Faculty of Civil Engineering, BUT, barrier-free access to all teaching rooms is currently provided. However, students must be physically fit to be qualified as a civil engineer. In practically oriented laboratory teaching, they must be able to operate measuring instruments and similar laboratory equipment independently without endangering themselves or their surroundings.
BUT provides support to students with specific needs, for details see Guideline 11/2017 ( 2017-p147550).
In order to promote equal access to higher education, BUT incorporates the Alfons Advisory Center, part of the BUT Institute of Lifelong Learning, to provide guidance and support services to applicants and students with specific educational needs. Specific educational needs include learning disabilities, physical and sensory disabilities, chronic somatic illness, autistic spectrum disorders, impaired communication skills and mental illness (
Students are provided with information concerning the accessibility of study programs with respect to the specific needs of the applicant, information about the architectural accessibility of individual faculties and university parts, about accommodation at the BUT dormitory, about the possibilities of adapting the admission procedure and adapting the study itself. Other services of the Center for Students with Special Educational Needs also include interpreting and rewriting services, or assistance services - guiding, spatial orientation, in order to enable these students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the same way as other students. This is done through the so-called adaptation of study, ie by appropriate adjustment of the study regime, which cannot be understood as a simplification of the content of study or relief of study obligations.

What degree programme types may have preceded

The doctoral study program Water Management and Water Structures is a follow-up to the follow-up Master study program Civil Engineering, especially the study field Water Management and Water Structures, respectively. as well as other fields of study and nursing master's degree programs. After accreditation of the follow-up master's study program Civil Engineering - Water Management and Water Structures for this program.

Issued topics of Doctoral Study Program

2. round (applications submitted from 10.10.2020 to 15.12.2020)

  1. Decentralized wastewater collection and treatment for rural areas.

    Cílem práce je vývoj nových technických i netechnických opatření při odvádění a čištění odpadních vod v urbanizovaných územích. Práce bude zaměřena jednak na problematiku odvodnění na jednotlivých nemovitostech, tak i ve veřejné části městského odvodnění. Práce bude zpracována v návaznosti na řešené projekty související s touto problematikou.

    Tutor: Hlavínek Petr, prof. Ing., CSc., MBA

  2. Definition of New Reservoir Yield Performances

    To assess the reservoir yield performance the definition of reliability is used in the Czech Republic. Worldwide the new concepts of assessing the reservoir yield performance, such as risk, resiliance, vulnerability, have been defined over the past decade. The aim of this thesis will be to carry out an extensive state of art and application of these knowledge on a selected water reservoir. On the basis of obtained information also derive a new kind reservoir yield performance metric.

    Tutor: Marton Daniel, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  3. Stormwater management in urban areas

    The aim of the work is to develop new technical and non-technical measures for infiltration, retention and use of stormwater in urbanized areas. The work will focus on the issue of rainwater management on individual properties as well as on the public part of urban drainage. The work will be elaborated in relation to the solved projects related to this issue.

    Tutor: Hlavínek Petr, prof. Ing., CSc., MBA

  4. Treatment of municipal wastewater by anaerobic MBR technology.

    Goal of the thesis is development of technology of municipal wastewater by anaerobic process with aggregated biomass and sludge separation by means of submerged membrane module. Work will be focused on solution of problems connected with membrane clogging by operation, cleaning and process control.

    Tutor: Hlavínek Petr, prof. Ing., CSc., MBA

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
DPA025Doctoral seminar 1 (VHS)cs4CompulsoryCrC1 - 39yes
DYA004English Language Tutorial for PhD Studentscs1CompulsoryCrC1 - 26yes
DPB026Operation research in water managementcs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395814yes
DBB012Applied physicscs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395814yes
DPB027Wastewater Treatmentcs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395814yes
DSB023Hydropedologycs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395814yes
DPB028Water Qualitycs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395814yes
DRB024Precise authorized, calibration and laboratory measurements of hydraulic param.cs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395814yes
DRB025Mathematical modelling in water managementcs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395814yes
DSB024Meteorology and Climatologycs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395814yes
DAB029Discrete Methods in Civil Engineering 1cs4Compulsory-optionalCrP - 395815yes
DAB030Numerical methods 1cs4Compulsory-optionalCrP - 395815yes
DAB031Probability and mathematical statisticscs4Compulsory-optionalCrP - 395815yes
DSB022Hydrologycs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395816yes
DRB023Hydromechanicscs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395816yes
DCB009Hydrochemistrycs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395816yes
2. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
DPA029Doctoral seminar 2 (VHS)cs8CompulsoryCrC1 - 78yes
DAB032Time series analysiscs10Compulsory-optionalExP - 395818yes
DAB033Applications of mathematical methods in economicscs10Compulsory-optionalExP - 395818yes
DAB034Discrete Methods in Civil Engineering 2cs10Compulsory-optionalExP - 395818yes
DAB035Numerical methods 2cs10Compulsory-optionalExP - 395818yes
DAB036Numerical methods for the variational problemscs10Compulsory-optionalExP - 395818yes
DAB037Models of regressioncs10Compulsory-optionalExP - 395818yes
DRB026Physical modelling in water managementcs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
DRB027Contemporary Weir Structurescs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
DSB025Landscape engineering and hydrotechnical meliorationcs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
DPB030Sewerage Systems – town drainagecs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
DSB026Artificial inteligence methods in water managementcs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
DSB027Control outflow from river basincs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
DRB028Stability and revitalization open channelscs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
DPB031Water Supplycs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
DSB028Use of Geographic information systems in Water managementcs8Compulsory-optionalExP - 395819yes
2. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
DYA005English for PhD studentscs8CompulsoryExyes
DPA032Doctoral seminar 3 (VHS)cs8CompulsoryCrC1 - 78yes
3. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
DPA033Doctoral seminar 4 (VHS)cs8CompulsoryCrC1 - 78yes
3. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
DPA034Doctoral seminar 5 (VHS)cs14CompulsoryCrC1 - 78yes
4. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
DPA035Doctoral seminar 6 (VHS)cs14CompulsoryCrC1 - 78yes
4. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
DPA036Doctoral seminar 7 (VHS)cs20CompulsoryCrC1 - 78yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Courses
5814 DPB026, DBB012, DPB027, DSB023, DPB028, DRB024, DRB025, DSB024
5815 DAB029, DAB030, DAB031
5816 DSB022, DRB023, DCB009
5818 DAB032, DAB033, DAB034, DAB035, DAB036, DAB037
5819 DRB026, DRB027, DSB025, DPB030, DSB026, DSB027, DRB028, DPB031, DSB028