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Fine Arts

Original title in Czech: Výtvarná uměníFaculty: FaVUAbbreviation: VUDAcad. year: 2020/2021

Type of study programme: Doctoral

Study programme code: P8206

Degree awarded: Ph.D.

Specific admission requirements

Successful completion of a master's degree program in the field of fine arts or a master's degree related to the humanities and technical fields (such as architecture). Presentation of a written project of the future dissertation (including the sketch of the creative project); The project must contain a motivational introduction, a clearly formulated topic of the thesis, methods of research work and an overview of relevant literature. Successful completion of the admission procedure, in which the candidate demonstrates the ability of independent artistic work (on the basis of presented portfolio), or independent work in the field of contemporary art (documented publication, curatorial, production activity); Ability of the theoretically funded reflection of the chosen topic of work; Excellent expressing and formulation skills; Ability to study in at least one world language (verified during an interview).

Key learning outcomes

The aim of the PhD cycle at the FFA is to contribute to the development od contemporary visual art as a culturally and socially significant field of knowledge and action. The PhD studies represents a unique space for the cultivation of individual attitudes which are, nevertheless, discursively anchored. The PhD studies primarily encourages students to freely develop their own fields of interest in a dialogue with inspiring colleagues and mentors and students of lower cycles of studies with whom they are in contact through their own teaching practice. Training for future teaching practice on terciary educational level also represents and important feature of the PhD cycle. In the course of their studies, students are required to fulfill teaching practice assignments, which can be either teaching assistence for the mentor (including the guidance or being the opponent of MA or BA theses) or teaching courses in lecture or seminar form (ideally thematically linked with the focus of the PhD dissertation).

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

PhD graduates of the "Visual Art and Art Management" are distinctive individuals operating in the art world (artists, critics, historians or theoreticians, curators or cultural producers). The opportunity to interrelate scientific and creative research methods oriented either towards a body of artistic work or an exhibition projects, provides them with the best qualities for finding their place both in the art world or in academic environment.

Access to further studies


Examination regulations, assessment and grading

Graduation requirements

final state examination, doctoral thesis

Mode of study

combined study

Programme supervisor

ECTS departmental co-ordinator


Abbreviation Title (specialisation) Mandatory credits
VUUP_DK4Fine Arts and Art Management0