study programme

Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Technology

Original title in Czech: Elektrotechnika, elektronika, komunikační a řídicí technikaFaculty: FEKTAbbreviation: EEKR-BKAcad. year: 2016/2017

Type of study programme: Bachelor's

Study programme code: B2643

Degree awarded: Bc.

Accreditation: 2.1.2002 - 31.5.2019

Specific admission requirements

Condition for admitting is a completed secondary education.

Key learning outcomes

The programme is oriented into the preparation of specialists in electrical and electronic engineering with good knowledge in the design, construction, service, and applications of electrical and electronic devices and systems. The students are educated in various branches of applied electronics and communication techniques, teleinformatics, power electrical and electronic engineering, microelectronics and technology, and control and measurement techniques. The students dispose also with the needed knowledge of the higher mathematics, physics, theoretical electrotechnics, using and programing of computers, applied informatics, and also with the basic knowledge of foreign languages, economics, and management. As the efficient supplements of the obligatory education there are the elaboration of one individual technical project and final bachelor work of the student. According to their concrete study branche, the graduates of the bachelor programme can be applied in design, construction, application and service areas in many institutions, companies, and organisations of the electrical and electronic industry, as in the areas of communication and data transmission services and systems, inclusively in the special institutions of the state administration. In all of this branches they are able to work also as the technical-managers in industry and services. Owing to wide fundamentals of the applications oriented study programme there is ensured high adaptability of the graduate for most the requirements of his future practice in all areas of electrical and electronic engineering, communication and control techniques.

Access to further studies

The graduates may continue in a master's study programme.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

Graduation requirements

bachelor's thesis, final state examination

Mode of study

combined study

Programme supervisor

ECTS departmental co-ordinator


Abbreviation Title (specialisation) Mandatory credits
BK-AMTAutomation and Measurement136
BK-ESTElectronics and Communication129
BK-METMicroelectronics and Technology124
BK-SEEPower Electrical and Electronic Engineering154