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Special Foundation Methods (KON)

FAST-NFB016Acad. year: 2024/2025

This course is an analysis of selected technologies of special foundations with emphasis on their characteristics and their use in building and civil engineering.
Design and evaluation design will always be in accordance with the design of technology.

Pile foundations - focus mainly on the group effect.
Sheeting design - design and assessment of the various parts of sheeting systems, including anchors and struts. Application of the method of dependent pressures.
Micropiles - the use of micropiles, design calculation.
Jet grouting - design, structural details.
Nailed slopes - design calculation.
Special problems - aggressive environment - protection of elements of deep foundations; undermined areas, seismic areas, permafrost.
Practice various areas of special foundations will form the semester project.

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Number of ECTS credits


Mode of study

Not applicable.


Institute of Geotechnics (GTN)

Entry knowledge

Mechanical behaviour of soils, basic principles of structural mechanics, theory of strength and elasticity, structure design, basic knowledge of the design of foundation structures and of the design of foundation pit sheeting.

Rules for evaluation and completion of the course

Extent and forms are specified by guarantor’s regulation updated for every academic year.


To teach the students how to propose foundation structures of difficult structures at hard geotechnical conditions. To acquaint the students with the modern special foundation technologies.
Student will master the course objective and will be able to propose foundation structures of difficult structures at hard geotechnical conditions will be able to design modern special foundation technologies.

Study aids

Not applicable.

Prerequisites and corequisites

Not applicable.

Basic literature

Turček, P., Hulla, J.: Zakladanie stavieb, Jaga group, 2004, 8088905990 (SK)

Turček, P.: Geotechnické problémy pri zakladaní stavieb. : Poruchy, rekonštrukcie a sanácie, Jaga group, 1996, 8096709585


Recommended reading

Masopust, J. a kol.: Rizika prací speciálního zakládání staveb, ČKAIT, 2011, 9788087438107


Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme NPC-SIK Master's, 1. year of study, summer semester, compulsory-optional

Type of course unit



26 hours, optionally

Teacher / Lecturer


1. Introduction into special foundation methods. Literature, standards, technical journals. 2. Aspects of geotechnical investigations. 3. Pile foundations – single pile (axialy and horizontaly loaded). 4. Pile foundations – group of piles. 5. Micropiles – technology, appplication, design. 6. Deep excavation – structural details and their specifics (micropiles, sheet pile and soldier pile wall). 7. Deep excavation – structural details and their specifics (pile and diaphragm wall). 8. Modern methods of static design of sheeting. 9. Jet grouting – as foundations and retaining element. 10. Improvement of soils. 11. Nailing of slopes. 12. Special problems – aggressive environment – pile foundations. 13. Undermining areas. Seismic regions. Permafrost.


26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer


1. Definition of semester project. 2. Design of shallow foundation including drawings. 3. Design of deep foundation including drawings. 4. Desing (method of dependent pressures) of soldier pile wall including drawings. 5. Design (method of dependent pressures) of sheet pile wall including drawings. 6. Design (method of dependent pressures) of pile wall including drawings. 7. Design (method of dependent pressures) of diaphragm wall including drawings. 8. Design of retaining walls, including drawings - completion. 9. Design foundations of crane (mickropiles) including drawings. 10. Design of nail wall including drawings. 11. Design of ensure of the trench by jet grouting. 12. Presentation of the project. Credit. 13. Presentation of the project. Conlusion (credit)