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Statistical Software

FSI-0SSAcad. year: 2023/2024

The course is principally intended as a computer support for students taking up course Mathematics IV. The main purpose of this course is to introduce statistics software Minitab, and statistical functions of the Excel, which are used in lessons and research at faculty institutes and departments. The acquired pieces of knowledge can be used in semester and diploma projects.

Language of instruction


Number of ECTS credits


Mode of study

Not applicable.

Entry knowledge

Mastering basic methods of descriptive statistics, probability theory and mathematical statistics is assumed.

Rules for evaluation and completion of the course

Course-unit credit requirements: Continuous active work at seminars.
Attendance at seminars is controlled and the teacher decides on the compensation for absences.


The course objective is to make students acquainted with programs Minitab and Excel, which serve as a tool for statistical and probability calculations. Students will learn how to use the software at the extent corresponding with the subject matter presented in the parallel course Mathematics IV so that they can carry out calculations needed for working out tasks assigned in this course.
Students will learn how to use statistical software Statgraphics and Statistica as well as how to use statistical analytic tools in common spreadsheets. They will understand better the subject matter of Matematics IV. They will also acquire implementation skills in a statistical data analysis.

Study aids

Not applicable.

Prerequisites and corequisites

Not applicable.

Basic literature

Anděl, J.: Statistické metody. Praha : Matfyzpress, 1993.

Recommended reading

Karpíšek, Z.: Matematika IV. Statistika a pravděpodobnost. Brno : FSI VUT v CERM, 2003.
Karpíšek, Z. - Popela, P. - Bednář, J.: Statistika a pravděpodobnost. Učební pomůcka - studijní opora pro kombinované studium. Brno : FSI VUT v CERM Brno, 2002.
StatSoft, Inc.: Electronic Statistics Textbook., 2005.


Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme B-ZSI-P Bachelor's

    specialization STI , 2. year of study, summer semester, elective

  • Programme B-MET-P Bachelor's, 2. year of study, summer semester, elective
  • Programme B-FIN-P Bachelor's, 2. year of study, summer semester, elective

  • Programme B-ZSI-P Bachelor's

    specialization MTI , 3. year of study, summer semester, elective

  • Programme B-MAI-P Bachelor's, 3. year of study, summer semester, elective

Type of course unit


Computer-assisted exercise

26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer


1. Information about statistical software Statgraphics and Statistica.
2. Information about spreadsheet processor Excel.
3. Descriptive statistics. Results presentation.
4. Basic types of random variables distributions.
15. Point and interval estimates.
6. Statistical hypotheses testing.
7. Exhibits of applications.
8. MSA Measurement Systems Analysis
9. SPC Statistical Process Control
10. Process Capability
11. The semester assignment 4M.