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Proseminar in Physics V

FSI-0FSAcad. year: 2023/2024

State of the system (function of degeneration, entropy); Two systems in contact (temperature, chemical potential, pressure); Fundamentals of thermodynamics (thermodynamic identity, irreversible processes); Fundamentals of statistical physics (Boltzmann- and Gibbs factor); Atomic gas (Bose-Einstein distribution, Boltzmann distribution, ideal gas, fundamentals of kinetic theory of gases, non-ideal gas); Fermi gas (Fermi-Dirac distribution, thermodynamic quantities describing Fermi gas); Solid matter (Einstein model, Debye model, thermal dilatation, black body radiation); Interface between solid and liquid phase (Kelvin equation, contact angle)

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Number of ECTS credits


Mode of study

Not applicable.

Entry knowledge

Integral and differential calculus.

Rules for evaluation and completion of the course

Students are evaluated on the basis of discussion on topics explained during the course.
For passing out the Proseminar in Physics V the attendance at the courses is obligatory. In the case of excused absence an individual way of compensation can be arranged.


Proseminar in physics V is drawn up to support students’ active approach their study content. The main aim is to actively follow the commentary by means of the intensive collaboration between the teacher and the student.
Knowledge of definitions, laws and their validity conditions in the range of the syllabus. The emphasis is laid on the encouragement of abilities to solve physical and technical problems by virtue of general information obtained from the lecture Quantum and statistical physics.

Study aids

Not applicable.

Prerequisites and corequisites

Not applicable.

Basic literature

C. Kittel: Thermal physics. Wiley, New York 1969. (EN)
L. D. Landau, E. M. Lifshitz: Statistical Physics. Part 1, Course of Theoretical Physics. ELSEVIER 2006 (EN)
J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika. Academia, Praha 1983 (CS)
J. Kvasnica: Termodynamika. SNTL, Bratislava 1965 (CS)

Recommended reading

R. Kalousek: Jemný úvod do statistické fyziky a termodynamiky. Internetové stránky Ústavu fyzikálního inženýrství FSI VUT v Brně (CS)


Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme B-FIN-P Bachelor's, 3. year of study, winter semester, elective

Type of course unit



26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer


Proseminar complements the lecture Quantum and Statistical Physics given within the frame of the speciality Physical engineering and Nanotechnology. Students taking this seminar can practise tasks of some parts of statistical physics and thermodynamics. Acquired abilities belong to the necessary skills in applied physics.