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Materials Science-Fundamentals and Advances

FCH-DA_MPMAcad. year: 2022/2023

Relationship: chemical structure vs. material properties. Structure of crystalline materials. Conductors, insulators, semiconductors. Construction materials. Metallic, ceramics amorphous materials (glasses), polymers, composites. Materials coating. Thermodynamics and kinetics of material preparation. Preparation of materials by high temperature processes, preparation of precursors, sintering, crystallization processes, sol-gel methods. Utilization of biological materials in modern technologies and the role of proteins in the structure development. Materials with specific, chemical, mechanical, electrical, magnetic and optical properties. The key problems of contemporary development of the progressive materials. Energy accumulation. Materials for diagnostics and therapy in human and veterinary medicine.

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Recommended or required reading

S. A. Jenekhe, K. J. Wynne, Photonic and optoelectronic polymers, American Chemical Society, Washington, 1995 (doporučené). (EN)
J. Šesták, Z. Strnad, A. Tříska, Speciální technologie a materiály, Academia, Praha, 1993 (EN)

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Course curriculum

Relationship: chemical structure vs. material properties
Crystalline materials
Insulators, semiconductors and conductors based on both organic and inorganic base
Ceramics, composites, polymers, glass
Thermodynamics of the material processing
High-temperature process of material fabrication
Sol gel methods
Biological materials in modern technologies
Materials with specific chemical and mechanical properties
Materials with specific electrical, magnetic and optical properties
Energy accumulation
Materials for diagnostics and therapy in medicine
New materials and the present


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Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme DKAP_CHM_4_N Doctoral, 1. year of study, winter semester, 0 credits, compulsory-optional
  • Programme DPAP_CHM_4_N Doctoral, 1. year of study, winter semester, 0 credits, compulsory-optional