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Real-time fundamental frequency analysis


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This software can be used for the real-time fundamental frequency analysis. It enables user to simultaneously display waveform, autocorrelation function and one-side real cepstrum of input speech signal. Beside these characteristics software displays also an estimated value of fundamental frequency F0 according to methods based on autocorrelation and real cepstrum. Before the analysis is run it is possible to change the length of speech segment and sampling frequency. Thanks to this software it is possible to monitor the waveform of particular speech vocal as well as the resulting autocorrelation function dependent on the instantaneous period. It is also possible to monitor a change of level and position of 1st rahmonic part. Especially in this case it is possible to see the differences caused by hoarseness or breathiness. Watching the real spectrum it is also possible to see an effect of deconvolution of speech gain signal and vocal tract impulse response. The software must be run in a 32-bit version of MATLAB (Data Acquisition Toolbox DAQ must be installed). Before you run the software please ensure yourself that the microphone is connected to a computer. Acoustic signal from microphone, connected after a start of software, will not be processed. The software can be run using command fundamental_frequency_analysis To display the particular figures check the related check boxes in settings.


Fundamental frequency, speech signal, real-time processing, real cepstrum

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20. 5. 2013


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