Project detail

Study of the Magnetorheological Fluid Response Time

Duration: 01.01.2020 — 31.12.2022

Funding resources

Czech Science Foundation - Juniorské granty

- whole funder (2020-02-20 - 2022-12-31)

On the project

The project deals with the description of the phenomena which significantly influences magnetorheological fluid response time. The response time of magnetorheological fluid is caused by particle dynamic formation in the direction of the external magnetic field. The effect of particle concentration, magnetic field and viscosity of carrier fluid on response time will be determined by two different methods. The results from the project help to understand the mechanism of particle chain formation dynamics and also help in the development of new generation magnetorheological fluid with short response time.

MR effect; magnetorheological fluid; response time; particle dynamics;



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People responsible

Kubík Michal, doc. Ing., Ph.D. - principal person responsible


Institute of Machine and Industrial Design
- (2019-03-22 - not assigned)


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VÁLEK, J.; KUBÍK, M.: Reometr_rotacni; Rotační reometr s krátkou časovou odezvou magnetického pole. A2/412 (Technická 2896/2, Brno 616 69). URL: (funkční vzorek)