study programme

Architecture and urban design

Original title in Czech: Architektura a urbanismusFaculty: FAAbbreviation: ARCHURBAcad. year: 2020/2021

Type of study programme: Doctoral

Study programme code: P3501

Degree awarded: Ph.D.

Specific admission requirements

The master degree qualification in the branch of architecture or similar achieved at a higher-education institution in the Czech Republic or a school of architecture abroad. Passing successfully the admission examination during which the applicant proves his/her interest and expert knowledge for a research work.

Key learning outcomes

The graduate is ready for an independent scientific and research work in the field of architecture and urban design theory, is able to solve practical problems in the field of architecture and urban design independently and at a scientific level, publishes outcomes of both practical and theoretical activities, also in any of the world languages, is able to teach at a higher-education institution.

Access to further studies

The doctoral study graduates obtain the highest education in the branch. They may educate themselves further by attending international seminars and conferences, participating in internships abroad.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

Graduation requirements

final state examination, doctoral thesis

Mode of study

full-time study

Programme supervisor


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