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Wireless Sensor Networks

FEKT-MPA-SSYAcad. year: 2023/2024

The course focuses in practice and provides students with knowledge and experience in the field of wireless sensor networks and their applications. Students will learn to work with wireless sensor units equipped with microcontrollers and radio chips during the semester, using the IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocol, protocols using this standard, and the Bluetooth LE protocol. Part of the subject is the design and implementation of their own protocol, implementation of the wireless sensor network and its integration into the Internet of Things network. In the last part of the course the students will be acquainted with the possibilities of sensor unit design, power supply and sensing of physical quantities sensors.

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Number of ECTS credits


Mode of study

Not applicable.

Entry knowledge

The subject knowledge on the Bachelor´s degree level is requested.

Rules for evaluation and completion of the course

Up to 100 points can be earned while studying the course. Up to 30 points can be obtained as part of the laboratory exercises for defending the project. The scourse ends with an exam, where up to 60 points can be obtained for the written part and 10 points for the oral part. 

The content and forms of instruction in the evaluated course are specified by a regulation issued by the lecturer responsible for the course and updated for every academic year.


This subject is aimed at making the students familiar with the representative sensor systems, with their components and their practical exploitation. The students will obtain a fundamental theoretical orientation in the area of modern sensor technology and they will acquire some skills in design procedures by way of solving practical examples.
The students obtain knowledge about the wireless sensors, which are used in the home, building and transport automation- They will work with the Zigbee protocol and Atmel wireless nodes.

Study aids

Not applicable.

Prerequisites and corequisites

Not applicable.

Basic literature

GUTIERREZ, Jose A, Ludwig WINKEL, Edgar H CALLAWAY a Raymond L BARRETT. Low-rate wireless personal area networks: enabling wireless sensors with IEEE 802.15.4. 3rd ed. Piscataway, N.J.]: IEEE Press, 2010, xxxiii, 245 s. : il. ISBN 978-0-7381-6285-0 (EN)
KUORILEHTO, Mauri. Ultra-low energy wireless sensor networks in practice: theory, realization and deployment. Chichester: John Wiley, 2007, xxiii, 372 s. : il. ISBN 978-0-470-05786-5. (EN)

Recommended reading

MORTON, John. AVR: an introductory course. Oxford: Newnes, 2002, vii, 241 s. : il. ISBN 0-7506-5635-2. (EN)


Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme MPA-CAN Master's, 1. year of study, summer semester, compulsory-optional
  • Programme MPAD-CAN Master's, 1. year of study, summer semester, compulsory-optional

Type of course unit



26 hours, optionally

Teacher / Lecturer

Laboratory exercise

26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer