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Electrical Engineering Tutorial

FEKT-BPC-ELSAAcad. year: 2023/2024

The course will enable graduates of secondary schools to understand the basics of electrical engineering and gain practical skills in implementing simple laboratory experiments.

Language of instruction


Number of ECTS credits


Mode of study

Not applicable.

Entry knowledge

The subject knowledge on the secondary school level is required. In the range of the used mathematical tools students should be able to:
- editing mathematical expressions;
- calculate the solution of simple linear equations ;
- apply the basics of matrix calculus;
- calculate the derivative, definite and indefinite integrals of simple linear functions of one variable and basic trigonometric functions.

Rules for evaluation and completion of the course

To obtain the examination is necessary to measure and evaluate the required number of labs and develop a specified number of computational examples.
Attendance at laboratory classes is mandatory. Properly excused absences can be substituted, usually in the last week of the semester.


The aim of the course is to acquaint students with basis of electrical engineering and to acquire basic principles of practical experimental realizations.
After completing the course student will be able to:
- Describe the properties of ideal and real circuit elements
- Involve simple tasks according to the specified schema
- Measure and discuss electric parameters in stationary circuits
- Define terms such as phasor, impedance
- Describe and explain the concepts of active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, efficiency.
- Apply circuit simulator for solving simple circuits,
- Analyze simple stationary circuits,
- Discuss the properties of magnetic materials ,
- Explain the basic principles of digital instruments and identify their parts,
- Calculate the behavior of simple RLC circuits during the transition,
- Calculate simple magnetic circuit.

Study aids

Not applicable.

Prerequisites and corequisites

Not applicable.

Basic literature

DĚDKOVÁ, J.; STEINBAUER, M.; KALÁB, P. Elektrotechnický seminář. Brno: CERM Brno, 2009. s. 1-100. ISBN: 978-80-214-3841- 5. (CS)
BRANČÍK, L. Elektrotechnika 1. VUT v Brně: VUT v Brně, 2004. s. 1 ( s.) (CS)
SEDLÁČEK, J., VALSA, J. ELEKTROTECHNIKA II. Brno: VUT Brno , FEKT, 2004. s. 1 ( s.)ISBN: 80-214-2573- 3. (CS)

Recommended reading

BASTIAN, P. a kol. Praktická elektrotechnika. Europa-Sobotáles, Praha 2004 (CS)


Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme BPC-AUD Bachelor's

    specialization AUDB-ZVUK , any year of study, winter semester, elective
    specialization AUDB-ZVUK , 1. year of study, winter semester, elective

  • Programme BPC-BTB Bachelor's, 1. year of study, winter semester, elective

  • Programme IT-BC-3 Bachelor's

    branch BIT , 1. year of study, winter semester, elective

  • Programme BIT Bachelor's, 1. year of study, winter semester, elective
  • Programme BIT Bachelor's, 1. year of study, winter semester, elective

Type of course unit


Fundamentals seminar

13 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer



Laboratory exercise

13 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer