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Junctions and nanostructures

FEKT-DPC-FY1Acad. year: 2022/2023

Quantum Mechanics essentials. The interfaces: semiconductor A-semiconductor B, semiconductor-metal, semiconductor-metal interface. Depletion layer, properties. Transport of carriers through the interface. Photovoltaic phenomena. Noise in semiconductors. Limits for structures miniaturization. Principal limits by Quantum and Statistical Physics.

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Not applicable.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student will acquire ideas about modern Physics description and explanation of phenomena, that take place in semiconductor structures, on their interfaces and in nanostructures. He is able to explain the nature of physical limits in the semiconductor devices miniaturization.


Prerequisities - Magister degree in Electrical Engiennering or related Diploma.


Not applicable.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Teaching methods depend on the type of course unit as specified in the article 7 of BUT Rules for Studies and Examinations.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

0-20 points project
0-80 points final exam

Course curriculum

1. Introduction, the philosophy of modern physics and the physical nature of substances (moving atoms, molecules, clusters, etc.).
2. Special theory of relativity (Michelson-Morley experiment, Galileo and Lorentz transformation, Lorentz-FitzGerald contraction, time dilatation and other consequences).
3. Particle properties of waves (thermal radiation, quantum light theory, photoelectric effect, Compton effect, X-ray diffraction).
4. Wave properties of particles (duality principle, de Broglie wave, group and phase velocity, wave function, particle diffraction, uncertainty principle, John Wheeler's experiment).
5. Quantum mechanics (wave function, Schrödinger equation, Eigen values ​​and functions, medium value operators, solution of the particle in the potential trap, Schrödinger's paradox).
6. Problems in quantum mechanics (degree of potential energy, harmonic oscillator, tunneling, resonant tunneling, quantum dot).
7. Quantum description of the hydrogen atom (SR for the hydrogen atom, quantum numbers, Zeeman effect, Stark effect, Bohr model).
8. Multi-electron atoms (electron configuration, Hund's rule, atomic spectra).
9. Energy states and energy band theories.
10. Interface (homogeneous and heterogeneous transitions in semiconductors, semiconductor-metal, semiconductor-insulator, Poisson equation, typical electron traps, state density).
11. Interface semiconductor-metal, semiconductor-insulator.
12. Nanoelectronics and charge transport (quantum conductivity, Coulomb Blocking and oscillation, Hall's phenomena).
13. Excursion to Thermo Fisher Scientific (FEI Czech Republic s.r.o.).

Work placements

Not applicable.


The target of the lecture is to present important phenomena of temporary Semiconductors interfaces and nanostructures with help of appropriate tools - Quantum and Statistical Physics.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

Not applicable.

Recommended optional programme components

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Prerequisites and corequisites

Not applicable.

Basic literature

Beiser, A.: Úvod do moderní fyziky: vysokošk. učebnice. Přeložil Josef ČADA. Praha: Academia, 1975. (CS)
Sze, S.M., NG, Kwok. K.: Physics of Semiconductor Devices. 3rd edittion, Wiley, 2006. (EN)
Colinge, J.-P., Colinge, C.A.: Physics of Semiconductor Devices, Kluwer 2002, ISBN 1-40207-018-7. (EN)
Saleh, B.E.A., Teich, M.C.: Základy fotoniky: svazek 1, 2, 3, 4. Praha: Matfyzpress, 1994, 1995, 1996. Matfyzpress. (CS)
Poole, Ch.P. Jr., Owens, F.J. Introduction to Nanotechnology, Wiley Interscience, 2003, ISBN 0-471-07935-9. (EN)

Recommended reading

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Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme DPC-KAM Doctoral, any year of study, winter semester, compulsory-optional
  • Programme DPC-EKT Doctoral, any year of study, winter semester, compulsory-optional
  • Programme DPC-MET Doctoral, any year of study, winter semester, compulsory-optional
  • Programme DPC-SEE Doctoral, any year of study, winter semester, compulsory-optional
  • Programme DPC-TLI Doctoral, any year of study, winter semester, compulsory-optional
  • Programme DPC-TEE Doctoral, any year of study, winter semester, compulsory-optional

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