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Bachelor Thesis

FCH-BC_BAP_CHTOZPAcad. year: 2021/2022

In this subject compile the students bachelor work. They formulate the aim of work, take the literature study on work theme; they realize own experimental work, theoretical work, respectively. They processed and discuss taken experimental results. Problems of bachelor work argue on public examination.

Language of instruction


Number of ECTS credits


Mode of study

Not applicable.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students take experience with individual work on asked theme.


Knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry in problems reason.


Not applicable.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

The course uses teaching methods in form of specialized lab - 12 teaching hours per week. The e-learning system (LMS Moodle) is available to teachers and students.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

Not applicable.

Course curriculum

1. Aim of work
2. Literature study
3. Experimental work
4. Results and discussion

Work placements

Not applicable.


Aim of the course is implementation of literatury study and and its treatment to integral work (diploma thesis), which covered practical part on assign theme.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

students individual work

Recommended optional programme components

Not applicable.

Prerequisites and corequisites

Not applicable.

Basic literature

Not applicable.

Recommended reading

Not applicable.

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme BKCP_CHTOZP Bachelor's, 3. year of study, summer semester, compulsory
  • Programme BPCP_CHTOZP Bachelor's, 3. year of study, summer semester, compulsory

Type of course unit


Special lab

156 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer